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  • Hey, sorry for the delay replying! I'm all right cheers, how are you?
    Hey Tommy! Sorry for the long time before replying. I don't get on ADISC as often as I used to. Just seems like to much to do these days and not enough time to do everything, so some things have to take a back seat. Hope all is well with you. Yeah, hard to believe its been nearly 9 years since I first stumbled across the TBDL site. Time sure has flown by.

    I haven't talked to him since he went off to college a few months ago. He's super secretive about his AB/DLism and living in a college dorm isn't helping him. So I think he's on hiatus until he goes on vacation (which should be soon) or until he's out of college. I wanna hear from him again as well, but it's on him to come back. We can only wait.
    I concur. i think. its a new word i learned :D or at least i think i learned it. Hiiiiiiii *waves like mad* yeah idk really... not sure.... hmmm. lol i'll maybe possibly be on more now :p
    Looks like i misssed you by one minute? :'(
    NOOB. im online!! give me a minute to update pc :D :D
    It's not really buying in person that's the problem: it's coming to terms with it afterwards. I've bought pampers Baby-dry twice earlier on in the year, and got scared after using only a few ones from the pack, and got rid of them.
    I also found them hard to fit, and I haven't had the chance to get more of them since (I might use them as stuffers if I get Tenas/Drynites. Got any tips about using pampers/baby nappies and making them fit? You might've said something already, but I can't remember). Also, I'm not sure what nappies to get.

    I might go for the Tenas, but I'm still a bit indecisive.

    Thanks for the advice: it means a lot.
    These are my options: buy online at get Libero size 7/tena slip, or go into town and grab pampers/Drynites. You are a bearer of great knowledge, so what do u think is best?
    Not yet: still considering options, and trying to make myself do it through my fears. Oh well, I might be able to soon. You tried any Drynites?
    haha i haven't!! well i was doing loads of school stuff in the past few months, but now i've finished school! for good! :D how is you?
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