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  • I hope you are well & if not, get well soon & I hope you can get caught up quickly!! Take care of yourself, ok!! **hugs**

    On a side note, like cows with Pojo, I can't look at a stroller without thinking about you!!
    Well, just as long as he didn't try to steal their porridge he should be fine, too!
    I was getting annoyed with a few people and all the arguing so I pulled a grizzly bear and slept through the winter.

    And then the grizzly bear mauled me for pulling it.

    And then I went to the hospital for pulled-bear mauling attack issues, and well you see why I chose such a convenient date. I was prepared, though, so here I am!
    Well just a peice of advice or you might already know this. Make sure your house is paid off before you retire. My Economics teacher never shuts up about that. "Come up with the down payment for a house by the time your 32 and make sure your house is paid for before you retire or you'll regret it."

    What can ya do?
    Yeah, I can see your point of view. It's quite admirable, I guess I should give thanks everyday!

    Figz's computer died, so she won't be on for awhile. She'll get on to check her stuff here whenever she comes over. I'm not sure when it will be back up and running.

    As far as mischief goes, not much. I got my interim report on Monday (all As and Bs!) and I have a boyfriend. :D
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