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    Adult Size Baby Stroller

    Max, thanks for letting me know. That's what happens when you're away from the forums for a long time - you miss topics like this one. :( Mods feel free to close this thread since it has already pretty much run its course the last time around. ~Pramrider
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    Adult Size Baby Stroller

    I hear what you're saying. Wish the news video was longer to see how many different people took them up on their offer for a stroller ride. I would have loved to try it out. ~Pramrider
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    Adult Size Baby Stroller

    Anyone here get to try this out in Chicago? Looks like it would have been fun to take a spin around the block in. A whopping 350 pound adult size stroller!!! Definitely couldn't toss that in the back of the car for a quick outing. :sweatdrop: ~Pramrider
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    Your Avatar?

    My avatar pretty much goes with my username. I've used it here for so many years I don't remember where I copied it from. Always enjoyed riding in a stroller as a toddler...still have memories of the bump-bump sound of the wheels while rolling down the sidewalk in my early childhood...
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    Your Username

    Goes back to ADISC's predecessor site - TBDL. I joined trying to find answers as to what I had been feeling most of my life. I had an attraction to baby gear items especially to strollers and prams. For lack of being able to come up with a name a bit more original, I poked in "Pramrider" for my...
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    What are your favorite AB 'accessories'

    A Welsh Playmate bouncy seat identical to this one in yellow vinyl upholstery: This one is more of a glider type seat whereas mine has a similar frame but with spring suspension. I changed out the springs on it since the original ones were too light...
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    What are your favorite AB 'accessories'

    Now you're talking! :) Got the stroller...well about 25 of them, highchair, vintage bouncer, and the latest purchase is one of these self-inflating toddler booster seats by First Years...
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    My Crib

    Those older drop side cribs were much better constructed. We still have a similar Jenny Lind crib purchased for our first child back in 1985. Niice layout you have inside your crib...looks nice and cozy. I know what you mean about wanting the real deal when it comes to baby furnishings. ~Pramrider
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    Safety 1 BABY walker

    Nicely done modification! You must have done the same thing with the opening to enlarge it as you did with the bumper jumper seat. ~Pramrider
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    Strollers/high chairs/car seats for the AB

    Yes, I just hope no one else gets down to my size the way I've managed it - heart problems. The smallest item I've gotten into is a larger size doll stroller. It is snug, but I can still squeeze into the seat and it holds my weight, currently around 125lbs. Interestingly, that's all I weighed...
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    Strollers/high chairs/car seats for the AB

    Yes, I've talked to people involved in the baby stroller industry and they've told me the published weight limits all have to do with how much liability for their products the company is willing to assume - the higher the weight limit the more liability they have to pass on to the consumer in...
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    Strollers/high chairs/car seats for the AB

    As an AB type person, I'm fortunate to have a small enough build and light enough weight to fit in most baby strollers and high chairs comfortably, especially the older models when it comes to high chairs. Riding around in one of the baby strollers for any length of time would be a bit...
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    Do you feel more Little when you're sick?

    Don't know if I'd call it feeling more little, but when I'm sick I still crave the same foods I did as a child. Usually that was a bowl of Lipton chicken noodle soup, the kind that comes in a box you mix into boiling water, with some oyster crackers in it, along with a hot cup of Lipton tea...
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    What is your level of Education

    I went from hating school at the elementary level to tolerating it by the time I graduated from high school. I much rathered to be out working than sitting in a classroom, so I was determined to go as far as a HS Diploma would take me. Been working for the same company for nearly 45 years and...
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    Hey Tommy! Sorry for the long time before replying. I don't get on ADISC as often as I used to...

    Hey Tommy! Sorry for the long time before replying. I don't get on ADISC as often as I used to. Just seems like to much to do these days and not enough time to do everything, so some things have to take a back seat. Hope all is well with you. Yeah, hard to believe its been nearly 9 years since I...