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  • Hi binky. No worries! I was able to download my avatar file from ADISC and enlarge it. Sorry to hear your PC died. Hope you are doing well. Please stay in touch. Thanks! Take care and be safe.
    Hi! Been a LONG time since I've heard from you. Hope you are OK and doing well. Please, I am sure you are busy, however, if you have time and think of it, would you be so kind as to send me the large finished image of my babyfur avatar that you created for me? I have only the smaller, avatar version of it. I lost the larger image. Thank you so much! Have a wonderful holiday! Hope to hear from you soon!
    Hello, I saw your post you had done about your binky from baby pants.com. I wanted to know was it a silicone binky you got? I want to find one that is the same size or preferably bigger than the NUK 5 and is silicone because the rubber is too bitter. Do you have pictures of the one you have so I can get an idea if its what I want. I saw the ones on babypants.com but they don't do it justice. I understand if you don't want to send any pictures of your binky but if don't mind I would love to see if it is silicone and bigger if it will work for us too. Let me know and I can give you my email address for pictures. Thanks!
    Okay, I see you're in New York. I didn't even look before to be honest. I was just so excited when I read that you made clothes. I thought you might be in the UK because of the question you asked about the sleeper, that's what they call onesies over there.
    First, I need to know if you're in the United States. I could either buy the supplies you need and ship them to you, or pick something out online, but if you're overseas, that makes things a lot more expensive. I would definitely want one that had Star Wars print all over it. The hourly rate is more than fair. It would be a onesie in the style of a t-shirt with a snap crotch, not a full sleeper.
    I saw in the baby blanket thread that you have patterns for custom AB clothing. How much would you charge for a custom onesie in a XXL size? Comparable to Baby Pants sizing. I would LOVE a Star Wars onesie.
    Binkygirl-its changedlife! just became an established contributor within the last 24 hrs.(thanks to "our hero",Moo! thank you for your wanting to be my friend.I'm 'a native of Las Vegas-born & raised.Wanna Talk to you & see what yourfavorite things and thoughts are.If you want-you can introduce your voice to my voice.Speaking of voice, you can leave a voicemail for changedlife at:1-702-553-9398.Let's be friends-let's talk about whatever is on your mind that makes YOU happy!!!-changedlife-
    No, I have internet. It's being a pain in my butt right now. I have just busy and trying to focus more on school and stuff. You know my 2nd personality has to take a backseat sometime.
    hello i read that you had surgery on your bowel, mind if i ask what for?

    i will be haveing surgery on mine becuse of a prolapse i have.
    i would just like to know how you delt with things post surgery
    Hey Binkygirl,

    Its been awhile . . . . . Again. I guess I have been off and on adisc quite a bit. Just wondering how you are doing?

    Best Wishes.

    Teddy Bear Cowboy
    Hey I see that you are from New York, have you ever gone to any munches or anything. I am looking to go to a munch this summer and was wondering if you had any experience.
    hi binkygirl, im TKing1391, how are you? hope we can become friends:)

    The kitty cat says "HEY"!
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