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  • Yo, sorry that I didn't reply you on skype. I didn't get a noticed that you wrote anything, and you were logged off by the time I discovered it.
    Been doing great. I have been studying and finally come home for christmas. How about you?
    Heeeey! Yes, yes it has. It's been raining a LOT in the past couple of days. Especially Thursday--trying to change a marquee up high on a ladder in freezing rain was not any fun! (That was part of my job, on Thursday night.)
    Oh my gosh! Hi! I love Minecraft so hard, it's like legos and whatevahhh! And art is the best! I wanted to go to MassArt (I'm from MA) but I decided to take a year off from school/life! What kinds of art do you like to do? And where are you studying (you don't have to answer if you don't want to haha)
    I just found out today that either the drawing class I'm in now or the one I'm going to take once I pass this one does in fact have us draw traditional animations (with a transparency and one of those light boards) so I am pretty pumped about that. Still though, it's frustrating the hell out of me now, but I guess I just need to stick with it and keep on practicing.
    Ya, I've heard that the only way to really get better at drawing is by doing it all the time (and of course a little structured learning doesn't hurt), but I still have my doubts (I'm really bad at it and always have been, but I would like to get better at it and do enjoy it, although it can stress me out at times). It's funny though, I can draw anatomy okay (relative to how I normally draw) but am just hopeless with anything else. I’m just not good at making depth on a 2d surface.

    No way! You’re not referring to Drawing With the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards, are you? I told my counselor that I was absolutely dreading the drawing class and she suggested the same book (and I think we end up getting it anyway for class too) so I’m definitely going to get it.
    I love graphic and motion graphic design and want to do it as a hobby (or professionally as free lance work if the opportunity arises). I haven’t really started my major intensive classes yet (not till next semester) so I don’t know exactly what’s in store for me in regards to animation, but I think it focuses more on 3d animation (with an xyz plane) but just like graphic design, I really want to do it as a hobby so I’ll be doing it eventually regardless of whether I’ll do it in class or not. Especially once (or if) I’m better at drawing and get my hands on a Wacom tablet. The Bay Area is the absolute heart of the animation industry, just the other day I was checking Pixar out. Lucas, Dreamworks, ILM, and countless other top tier studios for cinematography, TV, and video game design are all over the place here so that’s what I’m trying to get into. Ideally, I want to get an internship (or job) at Pixar by the time I graduate
    but I could also possibly get a position at my mentor’s studio down in LA which would be awesome as well.
    Cartoons are freaking awesome! If you added Adventure Time to that line up, then you pretty much sum up one of my favorite TV blocks. Gumball has one of the most unique animation styles I’ve ever seen, the dad is absolutely hilarious, plus I love all the characters and dysfunction in it. Same with Regular Show, I swear, that’s exactly what chilling with the homies is like, lol. “Meant for 12 year olds”, pshaw I say to that, lol. So what if they are, they still rock and I swear, some of the stuff they put in those shows is definitely not written for 12 year olds, and don’t forget, this is ADISC after all, haha. Of course I also love Family Guy, South Park, American Dad, Futurama, The Simpsons and Sponge Bob as well.

    How do you feel about plushies? It’s kinda weird because I use to not care at all about them, but a few months ago, I started getting way into them randomly. I want to try to get as big as a collection as I can.
    And just FYI, I usually write A LOT so most my responses might be a little lengthy and I’m a pretty sarcastic person (hence the 50 lol’s I put in this message which I usually don’t do, but we’ve just started conversing so I didn’t want to send the wrong message across) so if it seems like I’m talking smack, I’m really not.
    I'm in the arts too, that's what's up! Realistic drawing is pretty much my favorite analogue art form. Seeing a picture that is created by hand (whether it's paint, pen, or pencil) that looks like a photo, that's the stuff that I find really amazing. I'm awful at drawing though, but I'm practicing and am about to start classes at my school that teaches it. They focus on organic shapes (like the human body) so it's gonna be hard as hell I'm sure, but I'm looking forward to it.

    I'm currently going to school studying the digital arts. Specifically Animation and Special Effects (for cinematography). I'm good with a computer and have always loved technology and I love to say, "I'm awful at drawing a straight line, but my computer can do it perfectly." Haha

    I'm also a HUGE TVaholic. Probably spend most of my time watching something, or if I'm not watching something, I'm also addicted to video games, so then I'm doing that. Anyway, are there any shows or games you're into?
    I love pretty much all music but country (and even then, I'll sometimes hear a country song now and then that I don't mind). I use to really love the classics (and still do), a lot of stuff from the British Invasion. But I got tired of listening to the same stuff everyday. I've kind of cycled through a lot of different types music. I started with classic rock, then moved to rap, got tired of that, and now Dubstep, house, pretty much most EDM is really the main music I listen to. But as I said, I really love all music, it really depends what mood I'm in and who I'm with. But if it's a good song, I'll like it...
    I've never been on a team unfortunately, always wanted to be though. Back in highschool, there was me and like 4 or 5 of my friends who were into it (had their own markers and gear and everything), but pretty much all my friends liked going with us whenever we did trips to the field. I've played with a bunch of teams though and one of my friends use to be on, I think it was, the Hornets.

    Same here, I (and my friends) go waaaay less now and I'm actually trying to sell my Dye :( since I don't have the time or money to go as regularly as I want to. I hate how expensive it is. I'm in the same exact boat as you, most of my friends now are off at their universities during their own things, and on the occasions when we are together, we pretty much just drink and smoke.

    How bout you, are you on a team or anything? Also, what sort of music are you into and is there anything in particular you're studying or want to study?
    Hey Wambles, you commented on my paintball picture I just added recently. I'm SOOOO glad to finally meet a fellow baller here. I tried for months trying to connect with other paintballers when I first got on this site, but had no luck. Anyway, I prefer (and do more) speedball than woodsball. But I love it all. I had a Tippmann A5 with a flatline barrel before which was better for woodsball, but now with my Dye, I'm always on the speedball field.
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