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  • Yeah, i feel you about the whole privacy thing (about keeping your artist identity out of the forum). i did have an artistic activity too, that i don't want to be linked to my AB side :V If you like French-belgium comic; i highly recommend "Thorgal", by Grzegorz Rosinski "Golden city", "Sillage" and "betelgeuse" by leo. I really like Tyson Hesse style, thank for sharing :D
    Hi! Thanks for the kind words! So you like drawing comics? :D It would be neat if we could see your art! (Also this flying tail drawing, on your profil picture is a bliss :V)
    wish I could say well, didn't have the best day, pissed off a former friend by agreeing with them that they should put themselves first but explained they should still consider there dog first, they misunderstood things and blamed me I apologized and explained... then they blocked me.
    I hope so too and for you as well. :)Oh and by the way I know where you got your avatar from. It was from that sonic parody on youtube. It was really hilarious:lol:
    setsuyakuro, I think.. maybe? I dunno!

    Snaps has it. :3 Me and him and good buds. I think that's it, but if it isn't, snatch it from him! :D
    Sure, but he gets distracted with mouse toys a lot. I hope Arms and his, uh, arms don't mind!
    He's cute! Look at that concerned face. It's as if he knows that Arms the Fox can't fly.
    You always have avatars from things I love. It makes this place a whole lot better~
    Not too bad thank you :) work is keeping me fairly busy. I still have time to be a minecraft addict though. How goes the course?
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