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  • Thanks for the friendship and for joining the group! Feel free to post all you like, because the more it's seen, the more quickerly it'll fill up with folks like you who didn't know there were others like us in the area! GooooooooOOOOOOOOOO LITTLES!
    Thank you for saying that, Azie! I think that one gets overlooked as a viable non-medical transition option... :hug: -Marka
    Hey there Azie! It's lovely to meet you! From our interactions in the chat to the thread where you said the righteous and true thing about much pink should be used instead of green, I knew we would be superpals! Thank you for the friendship request! I'm sure you've probably gotten this question before and I understand if you don't feel comfortable answering, but why the identification as female without the transition? Is it a money thing that you think you'll never achieve? Do you want to transition but feel unable to for some way? Or is it just a lack of desire to?
    Sorry, I said hazy and had to keep the rhymes going but I ran out. Derpy is going to snap my neck later :/
    Saw Azie and wanted to say Hazy cuz you name is AMAZing to be chasing those little babies ^^
    Aww, I loved the anime. It threw the entire magical girl genre on its head and really made me think about what it means for people to try and change their lives. Also, I really liked the character of Kyubey because he was so interesting and unexpectedly important. I really think if you go back over the show, it's basically a contest of wits between Kyubey and Homura Akemi for almost the entire time, with Madoka only throwing in that wildcard at the end.
    Hehe it's okay! You're welcome, I simply adore really cute ponies. I'm good thanks. Would you like to be friends maybe?
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