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  • really? =o Rare people laugh at puns xD. I agree with both of those, the only reason I really still go to school is because it might help me get a interesting, decent paying job. I mean I love learning about all sorts of things, just I really hate its often included with a bunch of tests, and homework, and busy work, etc. I love just go to class, listen to lectures, take a test 3-4 times during the year, done *shrugs*. Besides its less work then trying to find someone super rich who likes me enough to allow me to say eff it! xD.

    Goods! Hope it goes well for you then. In my opinion you shouldn't worry at all about how any people follow and just keep it up/write/etc. because err...just because xD. Nah, just blog posts on adisc, I've only read a few blogs on tumblr (besides I'd have nothing o blog about over there xD)
    Wowzers that is a ton (*snickers* >>) of potatoes =o. Here well good it was fun, as long as no one started hacking potatoes at each other =p. They aren't at all, though I prefer work a bit over school, mostly as you get paid for it instead of having to pay ridiculous amounts.

    I do not, besides on here anyways. Mostly as I know I probably wouldn't update it much and no idea what to blog about to begin with xD. Do you gave a blog yet? =p
    wow! to be honest that sounds quite hard xD. Oohh awesome, never knew their were pharmacy associations, what kind of volunteer work is it primarily, and hopefully it is fun! =p. I've been pretty good, been working on filling out an annoying form for a job, so hoping I got it done correctly and thus never have to look at it again haha, otherwise just school and getting up early bleehhhh.
    What are you studying? If you don't mind my cat-like curiosity xD. I wish I could say there was, but there really isn't. Had a job interview and that is about it, oh and actually going to bed before 3am, that's not really exciting as annoying though (to me anyways xD).
    Aww =( why overwhelmed?
    I've been alright, getting up way too early and feel its kicking my butt xD, and getting tired of school already lol.
    How have things been going there lately? hopefully not getting too overran with stuff (for lack of better words xD)
    Sounds reasonable. Altho I see nothing against roleplay~
    Mmm child? Do I see a roleplay developing here? :)
    Really? Wow =o, yeah the one I tried was xagave I think or something like that. Ugh bitter would be bad enough. Had that happen a bit after overbrewing the tea =/
    randomness but I found a great sweetner recently, agave syrup! It pretty much tastes like pure syrup, with a small amount of nutty taste to it but it is soooooooo goood, I could drink it by itself xD
    Dunno why, not to sound creepy, but I'd like to see that in person. Boy, how odd of a date would that be, especially for a guy? I'm sure if it were me I'd obviously understand, and go along with it, but imagine how hard that would be for you to keep that hidden. For me, I'd probably regress to 1 1/2 to 2 yrs. old. Just enough to be a todfant
    *chuckles* So you really go all out eh? I don't know if I'd go that far myself, I dunno. But the idea of experiencing someone doing it is intriguing.
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