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  • personally I hate the Giants more because they are rivals with the Cowboys....I did go forr the Giants in 08 htough because I didnt want to see New England go undefeated...but hey at least the NFC East keeps rackin up superbowls....the Eagles make our division look bad....Cows have 5 Giants have 4 and Redskins have 3....Eagles...well...they have zero lol
    uggh...I hate the Giants with a passion...since Im a Cowboys fan...but congrats on winning the superbowl...you dont know how painful it was for me to say that:( LOL
    Don't mention the giants to Tking. He gets to be a real asshole, he's a cowboys fan. But I'm a G-men fan all the way!
    Nice, Im a huge football guy, im big on basketball and baseball also, got any favorite teams?
    o wow ok, Im closer to the city, right outside of it....word though...Ive always wanted to visit Canada
    thx for the add man, hope to chat with you here sometime or maybe on skype or somethin
    hey man, just commented on your thread...hope we can chat...wutsup...hope to become friends
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