Recommended Nappy Brands?

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  1. Adult Baby
  2. Diaper Lover
  3. Babyfur
  4. Diaperfur
  5. Little
  6. Carer
Ive been wanting to buy adult nappies however all the ones I find online are either adorable and too expensive or too plain and cheap. Where can I get some really nice, durable nappies online for not too bad of a price? Nappies only please.
I recommend this website. While I normally get Abena L4s and Seni Quatros from XPMedical, they're a little pricier, for a decent diaper on a budget I would personally recommend the Tranquility ATN. They're just below the aforementioned in absorbency, for a lot less, and this website is the cheapest I've found for them:
Abena M4s, are my faveourites. They aren't "officially" available in the UK (although a few [mostly AB] companies sell them).
Forma Care X-Plus are also pretty good (although the plastic is a bit thin).
iD-Slip are pretty good -- not quite as absorbent as the above, but still good.
BetterDry are the thickest I've found, and are quite good. The fit isn't quite as snug and they sag a bit (especially when wet).

I live in the UK and get mine from Save Express. They're in Germany, but delivery has been easy; just like ordering domestically.

I used to order from the UK, but all the shops stopped selling plastic-backed nappies. :-(
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