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    So currently enjoying some time on a 4 day break here in liverpool in the uk with my partner and i was worried and anxious about wearing in public, and so far so good. I have worm and been wet in, museums, shops, small gift shops and in the open air and as far as I know theres been no comments...
  2. SmolPupprrito

    Powder vs Lotion

    Soooo to prevent nappy rash and keep comfortable, i always powder up before wearing and after changiies, the feeling and scent of baby powder always helps with confidence when wearing and wetting However, i wanna know how lotion/nappy rash creme (such as bepanthen) compares to help avoid nappy...
  3. Casual Nappy

    Casual Nappy

    I find wearing only a nappy with plastic pants more comfortable around the home because Additional clothing over a nappy makes it feel tight and restrictive . A terry cotton nappy with plastic pants feels very airy and cool for me worn this way. .
  4. My usual wear

    My usual wear

    This is the combination I usually wear . Terry cotton Nappy Briefs from Cuddlz Natural semi transparent plastic pants from Pvc-u-like and a terry cotton thick booster although I recently started using terry infant nappies folded as a booster . They dry faster after wash and absorbent enough.
  5. SmolPupprrito

    Flying padded *first time*

    * not sure if this is the right place to post so mods move if need be ^.^* So today i flew home from my holiday wearing a nappy ^.^ *For context it was a domestic flight in australia, from northern NSW to Sydney 1 hour flight time* Nappy worn and in carry on and check in luggage were Tykable...

    hi im a a 1986Freak

    Hi … so my nick is ISTHATABULGE be cause some times ill go out to get smokes or something in a thick nappy.... I don't care if ppl can tell I did at 1st … but after a while that nervous afraid feeling turned into a rush LOL! I do it randomly maybe twice a year any way if I wear I like to wear...
  7. SmolPupprrito

    ABUniverse SuperDryKids Nappies

    So these nappies have lately become my number 1 favourite, based on design, 2 tapes and absorbancy HOWEVER I seem to have this issue with the blue lining creating lotta stringy fliff that seems to get tangled everywhere, especially when walking around lots or when having changiies Anyone else...
  8. SmolPupprrito

    Diapered Drivers

    Sooo my dream job is to become a truck driver, i looove big boy toys and being behind the wheel of all sorts of machines onna daily basis, am only a forklift driver at the moment but have spent alotta time on the roads previously driving smaller vehicles with an offsider in the passenger seat...
  9. donbrighton

    Does NOT using baby powder make you feel more 'wet'?

    As the title states, I had wondered whether if you DON'T use any baby powder, do you feel more 'wet' down there in your nappy ? What actually is the purpose of powder ? I always use it as I love the smell, but not sure whether in doing so I may be missing out on more of a wet feeling in my nappy!
  10. donbrighton

    My Introduction To A Nervous DL

    My Introduction Hi everyone, I have been a fairly long-time browser of this site, mainly keeping up-to-date with the DL pages, as that's how I primarily identify when it comes to all of this side of me. I have been wanting to pluck up the courage to start posting on this site for a little while...
  11. Kingllama

    Looking for help to save our special night

    Me and my partner won't be spending Christmas together for the first time in 3 year, infact we won't see each other for a week before, and a week after. We had a huge special last night planned for tomorrow, for daddy to take care of his baby girl but at the last minute i have just found out my...
  12. sallyanne

    Incontinence because of ABDL?

    Hi everyone. I have always wet the bed and in fact, never had a single dry night. Daytimes were dreadfully slow to achieve daytime control leading to being the lat kid out of nappies among my peers by a long way. By 16 I was effectively back in them again. While it is true that my incontinence...
  13. KrazyBaby

    Hello! UK ABDL here :)

    Hey! My name is Geoff, I am from the UK and I am a straight adult baby. I am in a long term relationship, my gf is very loving and understanding and is actively involved with my adult baby lifestyle. For this I am very grateful. She is my mummy and changes me, bottle feeds me and role-plays...
  14. N

    Balancing your DL life

    Hi all, im just wondering how everyone manages to balance their DL life with the rest of their life, things like work, friends, partners college / uni etc. I feel as if i am getting better at balancing everything out so wanted to know how everyone else does it!
  15. Angellothefox

    Waking up with a MLP Towel

    Last night I was sleepy but decided to take the chance to wrap and slightly tie my my little pony beach towel around me and it felt good. :) Until I get my own place of supported living I will have to make do with a my little pony towel.:sweatdrop: The moment I woke up I was happy. Admittedly...
  16. BracedDL

    Repair plastic pants

    I have some high waist plastic pants that have a slight rip (~2cm long) just below the top elastic seam. I have fixed it with gaff but that means it doesn't sit tightly around the waist and make a proper seal. How can I fix them while still being air/liquid tight?
  17. U

    Hello from a London lad

    Hi there After having been a reader of this forum for a few months now i decided to take the plunge and join. About me - I'm a sporty, active guy from London, UK and i wear a nappy 24/7. And why I'm here - I have ADHD and have always had bedwetting problems which ha resulted in me pretty...
  18. Angellothefox

    Who do you modify your baby nappy.

    Yes I know you may have heard this before but I thought it would be good to bring it up so recently I found this video on the internet. 4 ways to convert baby diapers in abdl diapers Since they are 4 ways and since they all involve going to the website that a person has put down I though we can...
  19. Angellothefox

    What do you do to protect your bed matres at night?

    I am asking loads of questions tonight. This one is a little personal. When you go to bed with a nappy on obviously :laugh: your not going to bed and then wetting a mattress. My question is what do you do to procect your bed matres at night? You will have a nappy on but supose you want to wet...
  20. D

    Nappy Support

    Hey Guys and Gals Besides onesie T-Shirts, what else can be used to support a nappy. I have tried underwear but they seem too tight. I would love to get onesies but i cant get them in SA. Well adult size that is. SO i have a choice of importing them or making them or finding an alternative...