1. D

    'An Exploratory Study of Adult Baby-Diaper Lovers’ Characteristics in an Italian Online Sample'

    I haven't read this thoroughly, but of what I have read, has anyone else read this and, more-to-the-point, does anything think it holds any accuracy at all...? It seems thoroughly in-depth...:
  2. itsmebabypat

    Selling two Large unused cloth dotty diaper company nappies

    Hello all I have two cloth dotty diaper company nappies for sale, one blue and the other purple both size Large 40"-52", I have not used them but I've did a pre wash but I then realized they didn't fit. £25 each but the buyer will have to pay for postage but if you live Bedfordshire you pick up...
  3. Kingllama

    My first experience wearing at the supermarket/out in public and I'm now addicted...😍

    Recently, a few days before Christmas i wore a diaper for the first time ever leaving the house, I was going to pick my partner and her mother up from the shopping centre one evening and i had been wearing while she was out, and when she rang to be picked up the nappy was no where near done...
  4. R

    Bf incontinence

    Hey I have not been like this for very long I am 25 now, and have been incontinent for 2 years but am still ashamed I have been seeing a guy, and I am going over for the night do I wear a nappies so I can sleep or just not sleep we have only been dating a few months I don't think we will get...
  5. Angellothefox

    01/05/18 I gave my nappies/diapers to charity

    On the 01/05/18 I took out my nappies/diapers from my car boot because I am selling my car. Because of that, I have less room in my bedroom now. It looks more like a tip, and do not let Grandma see all this! :laugh: I was waiting for my new HDMI TV to arrive. It has one scart socket as well as...
  6. KrazyBaby

    Hello! UK ABDL here :)

    Hey! My name is Geoff, I am from the UK and I am a straight adult baby. I am in a long term relationship, my gf is very loving and understanding and is actively involved with my adult baby lifestyle. For this I am very grateful. She is my mummy and changes me, bottle feeds me and role-plays...
  7. Angellothefox

    Getting diapers for the first time in yearz

    So I got some of Boots own diapers that cost £9.45 something. First I went to town on a kind of full bladder. I purchased Pampers extra sensitive wipes and me bough baby oil from the pound shop. I needed to ask someone where it was which was a little embarrassing. :sweatdrop: Then bought a...
  8. BusterBunny

    Finding Out Quite Late?

    Hey guys, this is gonna be somewhere between a monologue about how I found out I was ABDL and an ask, so bear with me! I actually found out quite late in the game, unlike some of you who found an interest in padding and being a baby around early childhood to early teens, I found out at around...
  9. N

    coming to terms with nappies

    I'm 21 and I find that i have a hard time with accepting that i like to wear nappies. I go through phases when i want to wear them and then phases when i am put off by them. i end up buying loads of nappies and then end up not wanting them after a week. anyone else have a hard time with it /...
  10. N

    What to get next

    I'm wonder if anyone can help me. I have small waist of 28-30 inches and I'm unsure on what nappies to get next. What would you recommend ?
  11. Cillow

    Does anyone keep a diary/journal?

    I started keeping a handwritten personal journal nearly a year ago mostly to help with venting a lot of depressive thoughts and emotions and a lot of what I've written so far ended up being related to my experiences with diapers/age regression/etc. Loads of entries about my personal fantasies...
  12. Justo

    Being a secret DL

    I enjoy being a DL but being secretive can be annoying. Buying nappies online and getting them shipped to a parcel locker, drive there and pick them up and wait till there is no one home and bring them inside. Trying to take out used nappies to the bin. Washing plastic pants in shower and...
  13. U

    Ab/dl aware

    Hi all this is a fairly long post I'm living in the UK and going away for a few days in August with my g/f and I'm going to be wearing most the days and nights I decided I would email my hotel and inform them that I wear nappies/diapers,I can't say enough about how accomadating they were even...
  14. happiesxxl

    Uk nappies

    I am interested to get a hold of the ASDA Little Angels Girls Day/Night Pants L/XL. Anyone here from the UK willing to acquire 3 packets of these and to sell to me? PM me if you are interested.
  15. Angellothefox

    My ABDL Tshirt design

    This is my last printed Tshirt I am getting before. So nobody came to Lil shopping meet so I went to wright rose with my suport worker and got this. I wounder weather the shop keeper will give me strange looks now:laugh: I like the shirt it is in the wash and he has done a good job. I would...
  16. G

    ABU Diaper Suits Should I Buy?

    So I've been debating on whether to get an ABU Diaper Suit so I was wondering for those who have it, is it worth?, whats it feel like?, Is it high quality? does it hug your diaper, does it prevent diaper sag?, is it fun to sleep in?, is it fun to wear with your diaper out in public? Is it fun to...
  17. Angellothefox

    Who do you modify your baby nappy.

    Yes I know you may have heard this before but I thought it would be good to bring it up so recently I found this video on the internet. 4 ways to convert baby diapers in abdl diapers Since they are 4 ways and since they all involve going to the website that a person has put down I though we can...
  18. A

    Musings of a 24/7 wearer

    Wearing nappies has been an on/off thing for me over the past couple of years. I've now been a 24/7 wearer for the longest period ever for me and it's become more of a regular part of my daily existence than something 'abnormal' that I do to add excitement to my week, as it has been in the past...
  19. T

    I actually bought diapers for the first time!

    So this quite a big achievement for me! After almost 2 years (I KNOW 2 YEARS!) I actually gained the confidence to walk into a pharmacy and buy DryNites, nappies which I have been wanting to get for a while! It seemed like such an overwhelming task but turns out its not that bad! I waited until...
  20. Angellothefox

    Diaper discussion the rules on bio hazards UK

    I was thinking and it was a thought why not at one point wear some diapers in town. The only problem is it is my first time. Someone suggested that I use two nappy bags to doubble it up them throw it away in a public bin... It maybe OK in the USA but I do not know weather there is a biohazerd...