1. K


    Hi, I'm an Diaper Lover who is new to the site! I'm from Sydney, Australia and loves to wear diapers whenever i can! I would love to meet people who are into the same stuff i am! I'm also Bi-curious who is keen to hook up with someone for the first time and have some fun!...
  2. LittleMonsterUK

    What’s the best UK baby nappy brand for 34” waist?

    I’m wanting to order some actual nappies that I’ll fit into to get really deep into little space and would love recommendations 🙈
  3. jakenappy

    Biggest "baby" nappies in uk

    Sorry i know this has probably been asked many times but cannot see a recent post, i live in the uk and was wondering what is the largest size "baby" nappy anyone knows of that can be bought in shops / online in the uk , either taped or pullup style but was looking for something with a baby type...
  4. LittleMonsterUK

    I’ve started growing again since regressing

    So I don’t know if this is a coincidence since moving into regression permanently on the evenings and wearing 24/7 I’ve started growing again I was already 6ft 6 to begin with so this seems absurd to me I’m currently 22 was my birthday yesterday but I’ve started developing growth marks again is...
  5. LittleMonsterUK

    how many diapers do you use a day

    how many diapers do you use a day me personally 1/2
  6. LittleMonsterUK

    Crinklz Crate size/4 packs?

    I’m curious to the size of a crate of crinklz? Thinking about ordering 4 packs just don’t want a huge box arriving and not been able to get it in the door 😂 need to spice up my 24/7 wearing.
  7. LittleMonsterUK

    Diaper bin recommendation.

    Since going 24/7 the only con is having to go to the outside bin every time does anyone have a diaper bin they’d recommend or another way to dispose, to add to this I’m looking for a convenient bin that uses regular garbage liners. Thanks in advance.
  8. LittleMonsterUK

    Diaper bin for disposal?

    So since I’ve been going 24/7 there’s 1 con and that’s disposal I’ve thought about ordering a diaper bin but don’t really know which one to get I just want something I can put them in and then just take out 1 bin liner for example I’ve found some online which look decent but don’t know if I’ll...
  9. SmolPupprrito

    Wetting Triggers (Non IC wearers)

    ( regarding those who are non IC and still have full bladder control) Soo after many years of wearing and nappies on a casual basis.. I have found that certain things always trigger an instant and almost uncontrolable urge to wet For me it is.. Whenever i walk into a bathroom area Whenever a...
  10. Another Day Of Dribbles

    Another Day Of Dribbles

    Standing there vulnerably in the bathroom I lament at the tackle I will yet again dress myself in to handle another day of PMD and decide the scene has photo artistic potential somehow. A fleecy white cotton nappy … the cool sticky plastic pants
  11. My actual washing line

    My actual washing line

    Wearing nearly 24/7 means having to get nappies washed nearly every day and then somewhere to dry them . Fortunately our conservatory has plenty of fresh air ventilation so brings them up nice with the fresh air through them.
  12. Real plants and plastic pants

    Real plants and plastic pants

    Myself sitting in our greenhouse.
  13. SmolPupprrito

    Those with "peens"

    So a while ago a saw a thread regarding those with "peens" and best positioning to aim while wearing a nappy However My question is for those, like myself who are "uncut" I always find myself having to adjust before wetting for hygiene reasons, at home this isnt a problem, but isnt ideal...
  14. SmolPupprrito

    Helps! How to wet in any position like toddler 🥺

    The two positions i am trying to master without leaking or falling over are sitting upright on a chair or squatting down, to the point where my nappy touches the ground beneeth by feetiies Whenever i need to go in my nappies, i have no problem standing with legs shoulder width apart and knees...
  15. SmolPupprrito

    Favourite textured playmat

    Sooo when i'm smol and padded, i looovee to crawl and waddle around the house for playtime, i have an alphabet foam playmat, and am looking into buying a carpet car city playmat for the colder months as my house is completely tiled and gets suuppaa cold really easily What material do you love...
  16. NappiedInSussex

    Hi from England

    Hi everyone! I’m a healthcare professional, a reader, science geek and like gaming (although I have to limit my gaming time!) It’s really great to find a site like this- I don’t talk openly with anyone irl about this (in fact I’ve never told anyone) so finding somewhere to be open is great. I’d...
  17. SmolPupprrito

    Baby diapers as stuffers, how to?

    Sooo being the soggyy pupper that i am, i've been toying with the idea of using stuffers in my nappies for more thiccness, waddles and of course absorbancy Now i'm not ready to buy actual stuffers designed for ABDL nappies, buh i do have a biig tub full of size 6 baby nappies thats i've always...
  18. SmolPupprrito

    Do your stuffies wear diapers too??

    Aaallll of my Build a Bear stuffiies wear nappies ^.^ i think its just the cutest thing and giving them changiies really helps with little space, plus having them as crinkly as yoou are when having cuddles ^.^ From left to right is Pupper, Bun, Shadow and Luna ^.^
  19. donbrighton

    'An Exploratory Study of Adult Baby-Diaper Lovers’ Characteristics in an Italian Online Sample'

    I haven't read this thoroughly, but of what I have read, has anyone else read this and, more-to-the-point, does anything think it holds any accuracy at all...? It seems thoroughly in-depth...:
  20. itsmebabypat

    Selling two Large unused cloth dotty diaper company nappies

    Hello all I have two cloth dotty diaper company nappies for sale, one blue and the other purple both size Large 40"-52", I have not used them but I've did a pre wash but I then realized they didn't fit. £25 each but the buyer will have to pay for postage but if you live Bedfordshire you pick up...