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Just out of curiosity, how many of you have actually seen a person wearing a diaper in public?
I was in the coffee shop today and I swear I saw this women bend over and she was clearly wearing a diaper.
Yep saw a lady in Home Depot parking lot adjusting her pants and you could tell she was wearing, saw the top of the diaper and as I passed her it was you could see she was padded
babybroooke said:
Just out of curiosity, how many of you have actually seen a person wearing a diaper in public?

So, just to be clear, babies don't count as people? Or how about plainly special-needs people in wheelchairs?

Excluding the above, my answer is a probably-surprising "no". In public, I have not positively spotted an otherwise able-bodied adult wearing a diaper. But neither have I looked for one. There have certainly been instances where I have smelled something that might have been associated with adult diaper usage, but those haven't caused me to drop everything and start ogling people's bottoms.

In fact, out of concern that my attentions would be taken the wrong way, I've sort of deliberately avoided observing diapers in public since becoming an adult. As a kid, I was habitually guilty of watching with envy as younger kids ran around in diapers or had their diapers tended to. I wanted what they had, of course. As an adult, it's too easy to see where this could be misconstrued as something sinister. Passivity in these sorts of observations is a discipline ABDLs ought to pursue, however futile it may be.

...Not saying that this thread is in any way advocating for or glorifying deliberate observation of other people's underthings, but whenever I see this topic come up, I shudder a little. We are a misunderstood group, and when I role-play the outsiders in this case, I can understand why.
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I've never seen anyone wearing in public outside of folks that would be wearing because they have a disability or because they are elderly. Truth be told I don't really look because the reality of spotting another ABDL is extremely low/rare and it would be even more awkward to approach someone that you felt might be an ABDL.

Cottontail's message is full of truth on this matter and while its fun to dream that you'd come across an ABDL in the world by chance, its better to focus your efforts making ABDL friends on ABDL sites. :biggrin: Just my $0.02
I wear cloth diapers 24/7. Most of the time if one looks you can see a bulge. I have never had anyone say a word or even act like they have noticed anything. People are in their own world and not worrying what I am wearing.

On the other hand I can only imagine if I went out without being diapered and wet my self, you can bet the world would know! :smile1:
I find these threads odd. With as many people asking about how to be discrete in public. You would figure that doing anything more than spotting through a glance and walking away would cause the other person to run or feel ashamed. I get that there are people who get their kicks from being noticed, but they make it more than obvious. So crotch staring could make the other person self consious and actually do damage psychologically. Plus if they aren't you are staring at their anatomy and that could be taken as harassment.
Can't say for sure that I ever have. I try not to really be on the look out for them, lol.

Besides, I know from personal experience about being very self conscious when out wearing one.
The last thing I would want is for someone to approach me and start talking to me in general.
And to be approached and have that person talk about them would probably make me run away in tears not matter how well intended they were.

Unless of course is was a really cute (Bi/Lesbian) girl who came up to me, commented on how cute she thought I was, then whispered something like I think your choice in underwear is cute too and would love to see you out of them. lol, That is of course if I didn't faint or turn into a blushing giddy schoolgirl to embarrassed and bashful to talk back to her. LMAO! What? A girl can dream right? :D

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I've seen it but its been very few and far between
Nope, this is the Midwest so people usually wear different clothes which cover up the diaper completely.
I don't pay much attention to people's lower-regions (albeit, sometimes if a scantily-clad one waltzes by?).
Frankly, I don't care if they are, or not. Ain't my business.
I've never noticed a "normal" person wearing. Once in my college swimming pool locker room, I passed a locker where a teen visitor had just changed, but he didn't properly closed the locker, and I spied a "pull-ups" diaper . . . but that's it.

No one is looking for the "bulge" and probably no-one will notice it. If you look hard, you will see some handicapped or "special-needs" people wearing- but only if it's obvious. The fun part of this game is: If you ever are so lucky to see someone who is seemingly "normal", but is obviously wearing bulging diapers- 99% sure they are a fellow AB/DL!
I've seen a couple older women who were clearly wearing a pull-on of some kind, but that's pretty much it. But the thing that convinces me that one can never be sure is that I was sitting in a meeting and watching someone standing in the front of the room presenting. It sure looked to me like he was wearing some pretty thick protection, but he was a little on the heavy side, so it was hard to tell. Was he wearing a thick diaper or was he just shaped like that? I was so distracted that I don't think I heard a thing he said.

The point is that when confronted with a bulge that sure looked like a diaper to me, I still couldn't say for sure, and, given my unusual interests, I'm confident I'm the only one in the room who wondered. That, oddly, has given me the confidence to wear pretty much whatever I want, wherever I want, without any qualms. And no one has ever looked at me askance or said a word.

I think i may have been spotted once in a movie theater but i was pretty padded and wet from a large coke and a few dews. but i have yet to notice someone else in my daily life. not that i look but i feel like i would be able to tell and that my eye would be drawn to that wort of thing. but that's just me.
I used to work at a grocery store so I saw all kinds of people going through buying their everything. I saw a fair number of normal aged people buying packs of Depend disposable underwear, but it was impossible to tell if it was for them. There was, however, one instance where a woman bought a couple packs of the actual diapers. I wasn't as well versed in diapers then as I now (I was 15), but I'm pretty sure I saw a bulge in her pants. Nowadays, my first urge as fellow, albeit recreational, diaper user would be to refer her to xpmedical so she didn't have to suffer through the indignities of Depend.

That being said, I'm sure that most incontinent people who are otherwise functional make a point of adapting their wardrobe to aid in discretion, and they probably buy their products online to the shit in the stores as well as being seen.
Me as daiper lover. I never see a younger person like me wearing daiper yet, or did not notice anything. I have seen older people wearing which I'm not surprise. No biggie. I wear daiper in pubic many time. I don't worry about it. 99 percent if u act right. People don't look or even notice it . If one them notice it who cares. I just go on enjoy my daiper wearing.
Technically I'm sure I have. I can't say for sure though, since I generally like to avoid walking up to people and either lifting up their skirts or pulling down their pants. Just being courteous, hehe.

Never seen anyone that you can just tell by a quick glance though.
I just saw someone this week - she had obviously been in some kind of accident and was in a large medical electric chair. What happened was weird actually -- I mean, I would've had no idea if she was wearing a diaper or not (nor had the question entered my mind). But in this waiting room area I was sitting in her husband (or caretaker) starts rummaging through a canvas bag and starts pulling out folded up diapers and showing them to the lady as if she was giving him instructions to look for the correct items. They looked like depends diapers - thin and plastic. It was hard not to notice this - other people in the lobby either looked aghast or tried to act as if they weren't watching what essentially amounted to "a scene". The husband seemed to be totally oblivious to any embarrassment - acting as one might with an infant and baby diapers. I found the whole thing awkward - never seen anything like it.
My baby powder probably gives it away that I wear diapers
I have only noticed it on the elderly and the handicapped.
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