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  • On a beach in nothing but a diaper you got guts *fist bump*
    I was nervous has hell when I first met wife and had to tell I wear diapers never had wearing a diaper been so useful in one moment I was so stressed, I thought I was so brave i was so proud of my milestone.

    then I read your post wearing nothing but diapers on a beach with friends in public view.... so my balls inverted.
    Just wow how did you muster up the courage?
    Hello Calico,
    I read a couple of responses to threads I posted abd thank you for your insight. Thanks for accepting my friend request to. How long have you been an AB? I think I'm still learning about myself in this. Started off with just wearing diapers. What got you started in this and why did you like it? I'm just curious about others and what got them into this. Thanks
    Hey I noticed a few people gone late, CuddleyAngle is one of them.....do you know what happened to her. I don't think she could handle the back lash.
    Hi, Calico! it's changedlife. Just wantrd to introduce myself to you,and to thank you for accepting my offer of friendship. I hope things are well with you & daddy up in Oregon.the reason I say ''up" is because I'm "down" in Nevada (Las Vegas). I'm reasonably sure that you have browsed through my about me homepage-not much more to be said about myself without chatting.You can message me anytime you like-I am a good listener & friend to have.Anytime at all,you can leaveme a visitor message-even just to saysomething about the beautiful surroundings in Oregon that you are richly blessed with! Take care. -changedlife-
    Hey, it's been awhile. How are you?

    Sorry, I just realized you had the same user name as someone I knew... Sorry!
    Good to hear, thats what I like about ADISC it is a very safe community where people seem to care about each other.
    When I read your About Me section it made me sad that you have to put disclaimers in regards to sexual advances. I'm not a woman so I don't think much about the female perspective of the AB/DL lifestyle and what you have to put up with in regards to perverted males who think that it's appropriate to contact you about such things. I'm sorry that you have to deal with that and I just wish folks could be a little more civil and treat women appropriately. Good luck and I'm glad you're here, there are far fewer creepy guys on ADISC than most other AB/DL sites.
    Hey! Would love to talk about your experience finding your daddy on DailyDi. And I'd love to see some of your stories!
    read your thread about others buying and sort of made me think about how i buy for others hahaha
    thank you for your help must of those tip I do randy but I do appreciate your help
    I know that this is a random comment but I have to say that I love your avatar pic because it is from one of my favorite baseball movies "A League of there Own" with a team that is from my hometown (and where I am currently living) the Rockford Peaches in Rockford Illinois. Also, it spawned one of the most famous movie lines of all time from Tom Hanks, "Are you crying????? There's no crying in baseball!!!" I apologize for the random comment I just had to say something because I just love that movie.
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