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  • Thank you so much for sharing your experience of transitioning from "golden dribbles" to diaper dependence - my journey has been very similar to yours and it is great to share!
    Hi. I read your post and. I like to know more about. My incontinence issues. So can we do pm
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    How do i become one?
    I also wear diapers 24/7 because of bladder and bowel control issues. What creams do you find work best to help with skin irritation and breakdown
    I air out once a day sitting on a disposable pad for an hour or two (or at least untill ai pee and have to get up to change the pad :)
    as per cream i just use the walmart brand or Zinkofax fragrance free
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    I was poisoned by a drug many years ago and as a rule of thumb my Docs do not talk patented or "trial" mess with me because they know the answer is not No but HELL NO!

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