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  • Hello Tetra, littlemoosey here. I have a question unrelated to diapers, if you would indulge me. Your bio says that you are an, "airbag specialist" what does that mean exactly? I have a question about Takata airbags in my wife's car.

    If you are not interested, I understand.

    Yet another firey on here! That makes three including me. Im a volunter in the Country Fire Service in South Australia. This would be my forth or fifth year although I have now moved out of the response area to near the city I still attend training so Ican attend large incidents(strike teams). I miss going on call outs but may also join the State Emergency Service(mainly respond to storm damage, search and rescues).

    How long have you been in the FD? (we call the paid guys in the city Mets or MFS, Metropolitan Fire Service. The mainly respond in urban/city areas.)
    Jambi6641 you do not have to accept my apology.but I really owe it to you. I s having a bad day and unfortunately you got the btmrunt of.again I am sorry for being so juvenile.
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