omg i would love this!!!

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who're you inviting if you get it? o.o
Anyone on this site!!
I wanna play!
:biggrin: You can count me in :)
Ooh, it comes to my city
Oh, Oh, Oh *jumping and wagging his tail shamefully like a dog*, I wanna play too!
*ears perk up*

Cool, no way I can go tho. doesn't come close to where I live. I WANNA PLAY ON THAT. :|
I might just have to go to this. Though, it's kinda expensive for me...
I've worked with plenty of former special forces types that were into what I call 'extreme fitness'.
They held mock 'boot-camp' in the company parking lot ... did company tough mudder and warrior dash teams.

You couldn't get me to belly-crawl through an icey & electrified mud pit. No way, Jose'! Not for all the tea in China!!!

but this looks like F U N = FUN!!! (capitol letters because it looks THAT FUN)
Check out some of the videos on YouTube (click the YouTube lookin' icon thingie/link/dinkus)
It's not coming to DFW, but I can do Tulsa! :D
They come to my town
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