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  • That is a true way to look at things. Same personalities can be very limited but your best bet is to just keep looking. If you want exact results, your better off looking online, but it may not be exactly what you want when you desperate look so try and calm down a bit on that buddy.

    I do wish you a grand search and hopefully, things will get better soon for you. If mattew supports you, then so do I, as always.
    That's a bad effect you have right there, looking at all the negativity rather than focusing the positive things. You're not exactly going to find one with an attitude like that. The statistic I posted is BS because I have 3 friends (online preferred) that found their loved ones ages 37,39, and 40 so I'm sure it's a lower number, it's off of my survey.

    I understand not falling for an online cub again, and long distance relationships is pretty much an anklebiter but you just got to keep looking. The perfect one is out there looking as well and eventually, the two of you will converge. Trust me, for I am a Snivy.
    yeah, that does kill gas really quickly, you two have like instant msging anyway to talk to. Point i'm trying to make, don't give up. Some people find their loved ones around the age of 35-40 when they give up and look later, but I doubt that'll be you because you have potential in looking. You could also wait since you're still young. But have you considered looking for cubs over on the other website?
    I know it's hard Oceltot, you just got to keep looking. At least your brother Mattew is there right on your side to help you out!
    Have you been ok recently? I've seen tons of sad posts. I hope things are getting better at the moment.
    Torn told me about you, fellow Tulsa person :p though he's in OKC we've hung out before he's a good friend of mine. ;) we should talk sometime if you'd like
    Thank you for you kind post things are much better now and you right this is a big family and i am very happy to be apart of. Super hugs to you. Little Leo
    Oh, I know I am a furry. I have started making plans on going to Furry Fiesta in Feburary with a friend or too. You should tag along as well.
    I'm not really a furry. I know that there's a few fur cons around Oklahoma. One is not too far from me, and I've thought about going to it before just to see. I do have a fur suit that I got for Halloween last year. But I really don't consider myself a furry.

    You think you might be a furry?
    I've been there myself, with that stuff. I don't like change. I'm happy to keep things the same way for long periods of time. The stress of finals, end of the year school stuff, and the idea of leaving school and going out into the working world; can be a pretty stressful thing. Hang in there. You'll be OK.

    So what if you are gay. Most people have the attitude now that if you aren't hurting someone, and it makes you and someone else happy; do it. Be who you are. Try not to worry about what other people think. I know at times that can be hard. But do what makes you happy.
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