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  • Hi, I saw your post regarding your IC of going days without needing protection and then when you think your over it, surprise! I have the same issue, interested to know what your doctor has said about this IC pattern. Thanks!
    You need an account. It's the best way to communicate, and ADISC has their own page on Discord for everyone to talk!
    God I hope I dont sound like a creep but-
    You commented about a mans suit and I was wondering, could you tell me about it?
    Hey, I just wanted to drop by and say: You make me happy^^ Every time I see one of your posts, I can't help but smile (and giggle, oftentimes) :)
    I know. XD It's been a long time since I've come around. For a while I was hanging out at various babyfur centric sites, but they've all gone.

    Well, not gone, but leaving much to be desired for my little side. XD
    Wow I haven't heard from you in years, welcome back!
    I be the sneakiest and cheekiest foxiest of foxxes my little cuddly woozly wiggly worm. x3

    In fact, that's your nickname from now on, the wiggly worm :D
    I know where you've been hiding out, my little cuddly woozly wiggly worm :p

    But I thought I'd stop by and leave a nice little colorful message for you :3
    How is it that I've seen you around so much and never friended you until now?!
    hey... I'm australian and I take great offence to your signature, furthermore it's... nah, I can't do it. There nothing I like more than making fun of aussies... we're a fun bunch to poke fun at with the laughing stick...
    Btw, your sig would be accurate more often if it said Kiribati instead of Australia :p
    i normally find pacis and bottles which a naughty baby has throwm from their pram u would b surprised i must have over 30 botties and at least 50 dummies babys can b so ungrateful
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