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  • Gotta get some positives on the run board!

    So Christmas today and nice family get together with no arguments... No honestly none of the negative people were there and they weren’t even discussed.

    I had an idea on my next LARP weapon, might not work but I think I am at least heading in the right direction.

    I notice that Littlesdownunder are stocking NRU Little Rascals so I have ordered a pack and have really high hopes for them.
    Wow, at least you get real affection from your family instead of the fake stuff I get. Christmas is coming up, hope that's fun. It's 11:40 PM here, so I'm about 20 minutes away from having to find tomorrow's positive.
    Yay new friends! Doesn’t matter about what they are physically, I remember reading the internet may help us build new villages of people we emotionally align with.

    Having had a very rough few months it’s been a struggle to find the positives but going to start with yesterday (it’s morning here again already)

    1. I unexpectedly received a friendly half hug and peck on the cheek when saying have a great Christmas
    2. The foam LARP dagger I ordered with all my free points dispatched yesterday which is weeks earlier than it was supposed to

    Gotta find some positives for today (but it’s still early.)
    Yeah of course buddy.

    You known what I need in my life and I kinda think lots of us could use?

    Sharing one positive thing that’s happened per day..... it’s not really easy, what do you think?
    Sorry for the slow response my friend, Christmas work madness taking every spare second. I haven’t used chat room thingies b4 so will need to be guided. :)
    I have worked in the firearm industry for years. Send me better pics. I can tell you what you have, approx value, anything you need to know. Until then, wipe them with an oily rag, action open so they are visably unloaded.
    Hey! Yeah I'd love to :) Discord works! Though I don't really want to give out my Discord where everyone can read it, hope you understand, lol
    Lol. Here is fine. How are you? Can I ask what made you think I would be interesting to talk to? Cause my mind is boggled.
    Starlight99 has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.

    Lol. Sorry. Is this the only way I can reply? I couldn’t do it before either.
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