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  • Wow congratulations, how are you finding being a mommy, and how is tony doing at being a daddy? Aww thats such a cute name and sounds like a ickle princess :) Was it scary?
    well think of it this way, you have an awesome excuse to go bare foot :D

    Ahh its cool, the guys think im well tough cos i went to the pub with them instead of going to the hospital, i kinda wish it was broke because then i would be a legend in their eyes, maybe next time.

    And the diapers are awesome they have all baby prints on them and only have the one tab so they are like real baby nappies XD

    Wow thats really cool what other stuffs did you get for the sprog?
    Well at least you got lots of presents... even if they werent for you :p and you will miss your sausages when they are gone

    Well i sprained my ankle playing football yesterday and i got some awesome diapers but apart from that nada
    Yeah i dont think he understands what paranoia is. its not a bad thing to be cautious, id say its the right thing to be especially when it comes to your baby. Sounds like he has a lot of growing up to do, ironic ey. Speaking of which do you get any little time at all being preggers? and how is tony feeling about that now?
    FFS it's not paranoia when your pregnant, you need to make sure that everything is fine. And don't worry vent away, i'm always here to listen :D
    Yeah my sis was volunteering in africa for the last two years. But she is back for keeps now. Ok well there is a slang term over here for being pregnant called being up the duff. And there is a celebrity called keith duffy so being up the keith is another way of saying pregnant :D.
    Although thats something that doesnt happen over here, names are never picked in advance, sure we talk about it but its never decided untill the baby is born
    Hey face face, yup its been ages, but i have legitimate reasons..... I'm kind of a jerk! Thats great congrats, and thats a beautifull name. Can i be godfather :p
    Things have been weird here, im rocking out at college, knocking out straight B's last semester, going to try raise the anti to A's. I am now single, cant remember if i told you that. And my sister is back from Africa. So yup thats all thats new with me. How's being up the keith treating ya?
    Hey Amy, how have you been? Are you still enjoying life with your daddy?
    Meh, I'm alright. Stressssssssed. But yes, I did get my phone back! Thank goddddd. I didn't realize how much I depended on it. xD
    Oh alright, May 18th seems a bit far away though, you sure you can wait that long =P?
    A little late but congrats to the both of you! That's very nice! When is the big day?

    I haven't been visiting ADISC for while now, just been sorta busy with other things :p
    Yes, the breakup was mutual. Long distance and college just made us drift apart. Hawaii was, in all honesty, boring. I was living in a really small town and it took half a tank of gas to go anywhere fun :/ Colorado sounds awesome though! Great skiing, fishing, and all kinds of stuff from what my sister's told me.
    Wow Congrats! As for me, I came back from hawaii back in november. My gf and I went our separate ways back in december. Life's changed a lot for me lately and mostly for the better :)
    yeah i know sorry buttercup i been super busy, i been working two jobs and have gotten super addicted to skyrim.... geek that i am. So hows you my ickle dumpling?
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