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  • Why hello :) I am sorry I did not respond earlier. I had to become an established contributor first and such!
    I love history and science, but I've been thinking of entering into a pharmacology related program.
    I actually haven't decided, and since I don't have to declare a major right away, I'm going to do some general education classes first.
    Met my persona in person today. Nothing more fun than playing with/babysitting boy toddlers about 3-4 years old. =D
    I also love it when little kids have that blonde hair that eventually turns brown. (I had it as a kid =p)
    I totally agree! there is such a taboo with diapers when its really just a different choice of underwear... I just felt like if my friends knew about it, they wouldnt be shocked if I ever got found out, now I dont have that fear of getting caught by anyone because everyone already knows lol, and if they didnt wanna accept me they didnt have to, no one was forcing them to be friends with me, i mean I wouldve been sad if any of them wouldve responded negatively, but I cant change who I am just as I cant ask them to change who they are. One thing that I found helped in making them accept me is making sure they understood that I am the same person I was before they knew, and that it was nothing new to me that I had been doing it almost all my life and whether they knew my secret or not, it wouldnt change who I am and the person they know I am.
    that would be great lol :D

    pretty much lol, born in diapers, raised in diapers XD I know some people would say im crazy to think "i was born with these feelings" but I strongly believe i was :p
    Im good all around i suppose, I just feel like i put effort into meeting people and people just dont care, then everyone posts blogs about how they cant meet anyone. I dont usually let it get to me but time passes and I find more and more people that profiles say from "Florida" and im like "why the hell have I been searching for 5 years if no one is interested in finding RL friends" :p but otherwise Im fine :)
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