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  • Columbus, OH Buckeyes, eheee. How do you think your home town college FB team would do against any SEC team? :unsure::unsure:

    Oh, wait, you might beat Tennessee, Vandy and Arkansas. :eek:
    no not really. i didn't actually know there was one. i've love to get to anthrocon but that's not going to happen. maybe i'll manage to hit up mff though.
    i've gone to anthroohio back when it was known as morphicon. i have also attended midwest fur fest once.
    Hey there! I didn't know that you were from Ohio as well! Glad to know there's other Babyfurs around here :D Sorry if this came out of nowhere lol
    Hey. Sorry I didn't get your PM, but I haven't been active for a while, so my inbox is overdue for a clean out. I am on FA - - but I haven't been frequenting it much lately.

    Eeyore turns up in a number of pics of my fursona - he's nowhere near my oldest plushy, but I identify with him, and Figment (purple dragon plushy) is a bit too obscure for artists to get right.
    Hi!! Can you please free up some space in your inbox I need to message you about something :) :)
    Soooo how have you been? -_- I'm over this heat, sucks staying padded, considering getting cloth backing diapers. Ready for winter...but yeah, totally just a hiya message. ^.*
    super random here, but we totally live in the same area haha, never thought I'd see anyone on here who lived nearby, and hello. ^-^
    Thank you, a positive attitude is contagious, and the world needs an epidemic.:) Also, am glad you told me about your interests in Physics. Not the most popular subject.
    You're very welcome, WW. Yes, we both joined in 2008. I don't get on the IRC chat, though. Just never got into it, I guess.
    Greetings from Florida, MW08!
    And thanks for being so nice and welcoming to BabyChris!
    (I just realized we both signed up in 2008 here, I never see you on the IRC chat though)
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