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What would you consider your Little Age to be???? I would say I fall between the ages of 3 and 5 most days, with 12 being my absolute highest when I am in my "Little mindset"
I'm only ½ year old
My regression age is about four years old but I am still wearing and using diapers and I may watch grown-up movies (or at least movies made for teenagers). Being single, I would also need to fill my bottle, make lunch or dinner, start a bath and so forth.

The bottom line is that I take activities and actions from many different ages as I need or want to at the time I am regressing.
My "little" ages are like age 3 or age 8.
I am a physically crippled "little" who has never mastered potty training.
Anywhere between 2 and 7 for me. When I'm younger I wear and when I'm older I don't.
Hmmm, I would say between 8 and 12. But mostly 8. At least, I think so anyway, I'm not very sure anymore.
I feel like when I regress, my age is definitely around 7-11. The lowest I would ever consider myself is about 4, and that would be my crossover towards the babyish things I have. However, my oldest age would fall around 13. Really I prefer things that make me feel little, but not infantile. I just enjoy the relaxing freedom that comes from being a kid. You're young enough to, ideally, not be troubled by discovering oneself during adolescence or having more adult oriented responsibilities, but still old enough to have some form of independence. My personal view of dependence for my regression falls almost primarily on the diapers, and even then it's sort of like I would 'have trouble keeping dry' but still have a reasonable amount of control. I don't like the helpless feeling of being an infant, and even a toddler lacks some significant self sufficiency. So a 'big kid' is ideal for me!
The age thing is a bit hard to nail for me. Regression is so fluid. When I'm in a regressive mood, I guess I will be feeling/behaving somewhere in the toddler to pre-school range, but then as the regression deepens my behaviours become even younger.
With Mama Sanch, I'm always 18 months old. It's an age which works for both of us, and one which I always feel comfortable and natural in. However, it's not a true representation of that age. It just adds a sense of realism to the process of cobbling together behaviours from different ages. At '18 months', I tend to be more verbally advanced than the average young toddler, yet enjoy Infant-style toys which most toddlers would have lost interest in.

When regressing alone, I can go a bit either way, in terms of the little ages I enjoy. Sometimes I like to act like an infant of, say, 6 months old - and sometimes I ageplay as an older toddler, around 2 1/2 years old. I find 'ages' to be a good way to make ageplay feel authentic for us, but I don't get too hung up on accuracy anymore.
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I'm not actually that familiar with kids and at what ages they do things, so I can't estimate. About toddler aged. Being a complete baby doesn't really interest me... bottles and just laying around, not my thing. I'm more into the kid shows and toddler plates and Dr. Seuss.
I try and get into the 2-5 age range. I can relate with what BabyDenise said.

There's something about being a little kid that may be a "little too old" for diapers. Some of this comes from my own experience of being in diapers until I was 4...I can actually remember some of it. Not that anyone would in this community would think this but it wasn't laziness on the part of my parents. Apparently I had some issue "messing" on the potty - so I wore them into the age of 4 for this reason.

Certainly there are times where the crib and infant things seem appealing - but I like being a mobile little tyke who can play with toys and watch children's programming - but also needs naps, helps with baths, and clothing and diaper changes.

That tension between baby and kid is the sweet spot for me.
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It varies for me, but between a toddler to about 5ish, with the max beaing a teenager.
I've never been able to nail this down. My little qualities aren't so much switching to a separate age as just enjoying certain things. I'd always be in diapers if doing any kind of age-play. But whether that means passively sitting while someone reads me a story or actively playing videogames varies.
3-5 here. I have many of the same feelings as many of the repliers I've read so far. The diapers are the main part of it for me. My other activities during little times vary between baby-age things like bottle feeding, napping in a makeshift crib, etc., and toddler-age things like playing with toys and watching cartoons.
ArchieRoni said:
I've never been able to nail this down. My little qualities aren't so much switching to a separate age as just enjoying certain things. I'd always be in diapers if doing any kind of age-play. But whether that means passively sitting while someone reads me a story or actively playing videogames varies.
Aggreed, It is difficult
Generally, I'm a 3 year old. Most of my little activities and mindset fall right at that age.
I would rather define my little age in a positive rather than negative sense. That said, I don't do the whole diaper thing, so my little age might fall at a slightly higher part of the spectrum than some on here. I think my "sweet spot" would be about five. More Dr. Suess, less Doc McStuffins.

That said, my on the verge of kindergarten little has something of an immature side, as well. I do like my binkies and sippy cups.
My age is anywhere from toddler to preschooler...I just love being little and protected, add the diapers and I'm completely safe and secure. I don't want to be a baby (infant) per say but I do enjoy bottles of juice with my snacks...there is something nurturing about that for me. My husband doesn't know, but it is amazing to me how much he seems to naturally take care of the "little" in me...maybe subconsciously he is aware of my needs.
I'm always will be 2 years old. That is my regression age. Personally i think Need a little age the peoples because the humans will be happy.
I don't think I've ever technically regressed, but I assume it would be between 3-6? I don't know though.
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