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  • everything ok? I hope you didn't get into an existential crisis. If you did, be assured that you most probably do exist, at least about as much as I think I do.
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    I'm sorry for the long delay. There was a lot of stuff that hit me all at once regarding work, school, cat dying, family stuff, etc. and I took some time to balance myself out and get life in order.

    Okay, will give everything in our letters a solid read and reacquaint myself with what we were discussing!
    Take your time. Sometimes life's a piece of shit when you look at it. Good to know you seem to have started getting over it.
    Thanks for the info. I cleared my inbox. I had deleted a lot of what was there, but it stored it instead of total deletion. I think I've fixed it now.
    My English teacher, who had given me an F the first semester, not only encouraged me and my SO, but sent one of my poems to a scholastic publisher, where I was picked up and published. They published a soft bound quarterly, and a hard bound yearly which included the best poems from the quarterlies. I made both. The book sits on my bookshelf to this day.

    She turned me on to Arthur Rimbaud, probably because she saw that relationship between me and my boyfriend. I was immature, very young looking, and the recessive one in the relationship. I fell in love with the writing of Rimbaud, and I hold his poetry sacred to this day.

    Like Rimbaud, I suddenly stopped writing, left my present lifestyle, and lived a very different life. It's almost surreal when you think about it.
    I do catch your drift. Poetry is like music, and even though it uses words instead of vibrations, it speaks to the heart, and is open to many different meanings and interpretations. I think that's why I was attracted to poetry as a way to express my innermost feelings. College was a roller coaster for me. My senior year I was kicked off campus because they felt I was a destructive influence to the other students, if you can wrap your head around that nonsense. I dealt with depression, and poetry kept me alive. Now, my writing does that. As for the bad influence on students, other young adults my age, I lived a gay life, with a known boyfriend. Shocking! But this was 1969/70.
    I know what you're saying. All the poems I posted, I had written in college. They chronicled my life, and it was a life that saw a lot of depression. I've only written one poem since, and that was two years ago. Something reminded me of my college days, and I was hit by that same depression. They say that most poems are either about death or love. I had a few that weren't, but most were.
    Answering your question, a number of my poems, including Drunken Boat Revisited were on the story forum before all the stories were removed. WBDaddy had started a poem thread there. If something like that happens again, I may put some of them up again. I'm thinking about writing poetry again, and publishing to Kindle. Thanks for asking.
    Hi there, I was on the avatar discussion and saw your Ajna Chakra avatar. I read what you put there and I just wanted to extend an invitation to The Occult group I made. No, its not for Satanists, but it is a group where I want people from all esoteric paths to come and share their findings and knowledge. So if you are interested, come on and join us. There is a discussion about chakras there you might find interesting.
    Music was all I ever wanted to do. When I was four years old, I'd stand on an old ottoman my parents had, and conduct the television using a ruler, when the TV was playing something musical. When I was 10 years old, I heard organ music playing in my head. I can still remember it, and it was Bach. I asked my parents for organ lessons, and the rest was history. Every university and conservatory I auditioned at, I was accepted, so I decided to go to Westminster Choir College in Princeton, because they had a big reputation, and I liked the campus. Princeton is amazing, and has a long and rich history.
    I got my degree in Organ Performance, and a minor in voice from Westminster Choir College, Princeton, N. J. The college is Presbyterian based. When I attended, we had a alliance with Princeton University, and I took some academic courses there. Some of their students took music courses on our campus. Westminster is perhaps a half mile from P. U. As a student, I sang concerts at Philharmonic Hall, NYC and Carnegie Hall under Leonard Bernstein and Leopold Stowkowski. It was a great experience, and I miss it.
    Sadly, some school programs go into decline. I teach math, of all things, at a junior high school. My degree is in church music, so I'm also a part time music director for a very nice Methodist church. The sanctuary is built in an octagonal shape. Living in Virginia, and especially Lynchburg, a lot of the building are Colonial, replicating Jefferson's Monticello. Jefferson had a summer home just a few miles from where I live. The music program at church went very well, and Pastor Parish, our personal committee, was very pleased, which is a good thing.
    Yes, I accompany them on the piano, though in our case, the piano is a big, Kurzweil electric grand piano which does a lot of other sounds. It sounds so real, no one can tell it's a sampled piano. We're quite eclectic in our music, as the praise band will be doing a more contemporary/jazz arrangement of "Joy to the World" and "Angels We Have Heard on High". I"m playing a spacy, new age jazz version of "I Wonder as I Wonder" as well as a Mannheim Steamroller version of "In Dulce Jubilo". In addition, I'm playing on the organ, a French Noel by Daquin, so it's varied. My Men's Group is doing "Patta Pan", etc. It should be fun.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had a busy day with work at school and then choir/Christmas cantata rehearsal, as well as rehearsing with several soloists. I enjoy the music, so it was fun.
    Hey there, I noticed your the only friend on ThatOneGUy95's list. Are you still in contact with him? Me and him were really close years ago but lost contact, doesn't look like he comes on here much now either. If you do, please let him know I'm trying to get hold of him again! Thanks :)
    Love to draw...could easily spend all my time doin that..I'm a bit of a nuf on photoshop, but I'm learning. my stuff on here is kind of a mix of found bits and pieces and some drawing to pull it together. I really need to play a bit more with my own imagery.
    Thanks, a few have commented but it still feels nice to get a complement. I did have fun creating him, even though I have borrowed bits and pieces here and there.
    Yeah dude we should catch up some time! I have midterms this week, i'll go on and see if i can catch ya.
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