Hello Kitty pull ups review!

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I finally ordered, received, wore, and "tried out" those Hello Kitty pull ups everyone has been talking about, and I wanted to share with you all what I learned!

(Two important notes regarding the fit and functionality for me specifically: I am a 180 pound, 6 foot tall, 22 year old cisgender man and I am not IC.)

I'll start with what I learned from ordering.

I got them from amazon, specifically Dream Factory Japan. They were $15.43 with free shipping to the US. I was unsure if I would get 2 or 3 of them in the order, and was a little bummed out by how much they cost per unit. But it turns out that I was ordering two times three, making me the happy owner of 6 :cool:

One last note about shipping: I had to pick them up at the post office. There was a tiny import note on the side of the large envelope in which they arrived.
"paper underwear" :wallbash:

Next, the fit.

Amazing. These are so stretchy and soft and not meant for 11 year olds. So they are just a lovely step up from goodnites. (it's worth noting that these are my first pull ups, since I don't bother with things that aren't cute) The weird part about the fit that confused me for a while is how the pull ups are depicted on the packaging; they look like they have little boxer short legs. The truth is, these pull ups go up past my belly button and several inches down my thighs when I first put them on. Upon pulling them on, you'll look like you're wearing the biggest old-fashioned bloomers! This is easily fixed by pushing up the boy short legs (they are barely any material at all) and folding down the ridiculously tall waistband. They end up fitting just like any other pull up, with the option of boy short legs and a several-inches-high waistband.

Also, they are surprisingly thin and comfortable. It would be possible to hide them under clothes and maybe even forget you're wearing them. In fact, if you enjoy wearing diapers, they might even be too comfortable!


These are so cute. Like I said, ridiculously soft. They are also pink, Hello Kitty themed, and honest-to-goodness cute adult pull ups. Which is unique right now! They perfectly throw me back to when I was 6 years old and wearing a goodnite under a big, stretched-out pajama shirt.


I stood in the shower and tested one out this morning. I expected to feel the warm leg trickle of failure when I wet, but nope. All liquid went very much to the bottom of the pull up, all concentrated directly between my legs. It was extremely squishy and seemed to work well. I can't say anything about lying down, sitting, or all-day wear, but I do think the leak guards are nice, and the absorbency is way higher than you would expect for something so thin.

Bottom line:

I am so happy with these cute adult pull ups. And they're cute and comfortable enough to be my girlfriend's first venture into diaper territory :smile: I absolutely believe they were worth the money and small post office embarrassment.

Ask any questions you like, except for "can you send me one" >:]
Some nice pics of them would be super nice :D :D
nice How Soon is Now sig :shades: (i like the tATu version as much as the original)

also, pics will be coming soon! i haven't posted pics on this site before, so leave me some pointers in the meantime? i know no crotchshots, and i think i can nest the pictures in spoiler tags so the post is more user-friendly? i'll go look at some others for an example.

(also i do know of several nice pictures of people wearing them, but i'm not even going to risk linking to them >.> )
They sound absolutely wonderful. However, I got hopeless lost in Amazon looking for them......lol. Any chance for a link to the page, pls & txs:smile:
also, pics will be coming soon! i haven't posted pics on this site before, so leave me some pointers in the meantime? i know no crotchshots, and i think i can nest the pictures in spoiler tags so the post is more user-friendly? i'll go look at some others for an example.

Even just a pic of them next to something else like a diaper or anything just to show how big they are.
oh i have a very good idea for a comparison shot! next to a goodnite and a cushie. i'm going to take the pictures now!

edit: got em! cell camera is #garbage but you'll get the idea.






edit 2: notice the bloomer/boxer option. again, it's easy to wear them with or without the high waistband and boy short legs. just a matter of pushing the legs up a little and folding down the huge waistband. I fold it like this:
my lower tummy region N outside world
with the N representing the way the fabric bends down and back up. that way i get the frilly top and you can see my tummy.

edit 3: the comparison images are a L/XL goodnite and medium cushie.
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WOW! they are a lot bigger then you would think,, lol.

Thanks a ton for the pics !!!

Also HOW did you get them for $15.42 ????? The cheapest on Amazon is $23.57
well, about the price--

i think the place I got them from sold out, actually. there are a lot of very similar places selling them for "similar" prices, but i think i may have gotten one of the last shipments from that particular seller!

also a good friend of mine (good enough to know about my penchant for diapers) told me that packages only have import notes when the item is popular enough. furthermore, the fact that it was in english means it's a very popular japan-->USA import. i thought that was interesting c;

wait, actually, they increased their price! supply and demand :/
The pictures have suitably impressed me, greatly. These "Kitty" diapers are on my next online shopping trip:thumbsup:
I was a bit baffled by these so I asked the seller on Amazon if they were for adults or children. I actually got 2 replies from different people!:

Hi, these are for adults because the waist size are 60cm to 90cm; 23.5 inch to 35.5 inch. I hope this would help you. Thanks!
Regalo, JP. SELLER answered on July 10, 2015

Thank you for your inquiry. This product is for adult women. Waist size will be up to 60 to 90. Consider all means. Thank you.
World Horizon Japan SELLER answered on July 10, 2015

Tibsy :cool:
These are really cute. I'll have to think about getting them myself later on! Thank you for the pictures and review! :)
sambus-- they are most certainly for adults! a currently 170 pound 20-something man can assure you of that haha

and you're very welcome, everyone! these are super cute pull ups and i am very glad they exist, and very glad to help others decide if they want them c:
Went ahead and bought myself some as well and suckered myself into choosing expedited shipping for $12. These arrived one day ahead of the estimated delivery date and now I have pictures to hijack this thread. One is of a different pull-up for comparison. The other is that of the shipping label to show what you would expect. The "paper pants" in the notes is (almost undoubtedly) to help it clear customs faster; moreover, I also had to sign for it.


Thought you were gonna get a hairy crotch shot, didn't you? Well forget it.
Paper pants is the Japanese way of saying disposable, as opposed to cloth diapers.

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