hello kitty

  1. apoptosis

    Hello Kitty pull ups review!

    I finally ordered, received, wore, and "tried out" those Hello Kitty pull ups everyone has been talking about, and I wanted to share with you all what I learned! (Two important notes regarding the fit and functionality for me specifically: I am a 180 pound, 6 foot tall, 22 year old cisgender...
  2. WearingClouds

    Hello Kitty Themed Diaper Tape

    I forgot who mentioned this idea to me, but I thought I'd share it with you all. So, I recently tried Hello Kitty Duct Tape. I liked it because of its cute design and great adhesive ability to plastic backed diapers. Has anyone else tried this product? Or can suggest to me something similar...
  3. littlefwuffybrat

    Haii there!!

    Hewwo everyone yew can call me kawaiideviant or rachel, or playful, whatever yew want ^_^ I'm really new to everything with adbl and this website, and I would love to make some friends on here! I love doodling, colouring, playing on my xbox, especially minecraft :D oh oh and also, hello kitty...
  4. SuperSecretFoxy

    Cute stuff in the filth

    Hey guys, fox here. I was cleaning my room today, and as always I checked the filth for some usefull stuff. So after digging through it I found some cute stuff! Mostly I find broken computer parts or a part of a disc case or whatever, but this time I found hair pins. And not just ANY hairpins...