pull ups

  1. L

    Options for small women?

    Hello everyone, not really new but first post. I’ve been wearing goodnites here and there and they fit well (I don’t wet them much, I just like to sleep in them and use them for my period) but I was hoping to find some other print options without buying adult diapers/pullups online. I’ve seen a...
  2. LittleAlex08

    Diaper Types

    I suffer from bowel incontinence meaning I have to wear pull-ups. I still live with my mom and she provides me with diapers. I am not a fan of the pull-up style because I always have blowouts. My mom always buys pull-ups (unsure why) but I would much rather wear tapes for more security. How do I...
  3. Fleetwoodmac32192

    Wearing Adult Diapers/Pull Ups with Autism dispute

    I'm usually able to make it to the toilet. But does it make me feel better with having to stop what I'm doing to find the toilet or worse having to hold it in when there's no where to go? No, not at all. My partner doesn't want me to wear and wants me to keep holding onto my personal...
  4. 20210630_221850.jpg


    I just ordered some of these cute pull-ups.
  5. Austen00

    Abdl pull ups

    Ok so my girlfriend and I are wanting to do some toddler age play I want to know if anyone knows of any abdl pull ups we could get modded or normal but they have to have prints
  6. H

    Need help!!!

    I want to wear pull-ups at night for I am slightly incontinent anyway so I thought I would use this to get pull ups from my parents. Any help. Also I am a dl
  7. G

    Size 6 Pull-up nappies

    Hi all. I have just got myself some easy on pants by Boots. They are size 6 but I can get them on and wear them without them tearing. It's pretty fun pretending to be little. Do you like baby nappies and which are your favourites?
  8. C

    Diapered at the Gym

    So I've been trying to wear 24/7 for the last couple months and for the most part it has gone pretty well. However the one time that I always have trouble wearing is at the gym.I usually wear something light and unnoticeable, that doesn't bulk or sag, like a Goodnite (or other pullup)...
  9. W

    My take on Always discreet pull ups (underwear, pull ons)

    I've recently bought the Always discreet pull ups, and I've got to say they're impressive. This will be my take on these diapers. I recently typed out this post, but accidentally deleted everyhing so I'm going to make it a bit shorter than before. Ask me if you want me to elaborate on anything...
  10. M

    PAW Patrol Pull Ups

    Looks like Wal-Mart has replaced the Madagascar prints with the recent revamp of their Parents Choice brand and to my surprise, PAW Patrol are the new prints on them. Walmart's UK equivalent ASDA also did prints as a limited edition so I'm not too surprised tbh. As these are brand new there's...
  11. R

    Pull ups

    Hey guys, recently I heard of somwtging called the pullup side mod, does anyone kniw what this is and have any pictures? Thanks in advance!
  12. Pokogirl

    Double pullups for Bedwetting Protection

    So, I've been wearing mamy poko pants size xxl to bed regularly. It's a baby diaper but I can fit in them perfectly & well. It's really comfortable to be in too. I have wet them a couple of time as well. The first time I didn't have any problem as I didn't pee too much. But the 2nd time I...
  13. A

    ASDA Day and Night Pants

    If you live in the UK, you may have realised that there are diapers which are dedicated towards children/preteens. You may be thing Drynites, but ASDA ( a supermarket in the UK similar to Wal-Mart) are selling 'Day and night pants'. I first saw these when I was shopping with my mum (I'm only 13)...
  14. A

    New cars 3 pull ups designs?

    I was just browsing around on the internet when I had realised that there hadn't been a new design for Huggies Pull Ups. I know there were designs released in the US but the UK didn't get anything. With the release of Cars 3 soon, I thought that Huggies would release a new design, collaborating...
  15. A

    New Huggies Pull Ups Designs for UK?

    Now, this is more a post for the UK ABDL. I remember when Cars 2 was released in the UK, Huggies managed to get some new designs out for the release of it. As Cars 3 has been announced, do you guys think we will finally get different and new Pull-Ups designs? I know that in other regions of the...
  16. W

    How to make goodnites babyish

    I have a pack of large girls goodnites and would like to know how to make them babyish and thicker i also have 4t-5t pull ups if that can be used in any way all suggestions welcome
  17. W

    Goodnites Help

    I just bought my first pack of goodnights large for girls and could use any tips at all from making them more babyish to how to have fun with the or if theres certain things to make them thicker or anything really
  18. W

    Goodnites S/M vs L/XL

    Im skinny with a 28 inch waist I know i can fit into a medium goodnites but i was wondering if i wore a large goodnites if it would over more area like a diaper sized for me would
  19. A

    I want the Lion Guard Pull Ups but I live in the UK.

    I saw the Lion Guard Pull ups and I really want them because they look soooooo cute! Problem is, they don't the design in the UK meaning I can't have them. :( Is there a way which I could order them? I've looked on eBay but there really isn't anything on there. It would be good if there was a...
  20. M

    How are Goodnites delivered?

    I was considering ordering Goodnites from Amazon, and it says discreet packaging, but it doesn't really show any pictures of the box. What's the box look like, and If I order something else with it, will they put it in that box?