1. padded1989

    Recent shy moments?

    I think we all have them once in awhile -- what are some of your shy feeling diaper wearing moments lately?
  2. PampLuv

    Vintage diapers on ebay

    It’s very interesting what you might find from time to time on there. They can be a bit expensive, but I’m my opinion very worth if it you find the right listing. I have found extremely hard to find and perfect examples of sealed packs. Let me know what you have seen! Does anybody collect...
  3. pugglesmuggles

    Where do you get your incontinence supplies?

    Just curious because I tend to get them from all over, don't really have one specific place I always go to. Looking to narrow the field to the best suppliers.
  4. ABDElsa

    Imagine an ABDL/DDLG Gameshow! 😮

    Last night I had a crazy dream that I was watching TV and a commercial came on for a New Nickelodeon Game Show called "I'll be Your Baby, Do You Wanna be my Daddy?" That's the first indication it was just a dream! They'd NEVER show something like that on Nickelodeon Basically all the contestants...
  5. K00paTr00pa

    Little For Big “Baby Parade”

    Just received these today and I gotta say they’re really cute. I just wish the material was as good as ABUs Little Kings. The Baby Parade diapers feel similar to a depends pullup. Size wise, I got a medium though it fits like a small (I’m a 32 inch waist) I think for the price I’ll stick with...
  6. Jonsnow12

    Favorite diapers and why...

    I'm still searching for my go to diaper. I love the little feel and aesthetic of cloth backs like the ABU little kings and waddlers especially with the full hook and loops. Plus they make for a discreet wear (less rustle) but love the functionality of plastic backed pumps like rearz, trest...
  7. padded1989

    Increasing usage

    happy weekend! I have used diapers for awhile for bedwetting and travel and also just liking them, and some family knows but im mostly very shy about it. What have been your strategies as you all have began wearing them more often and slowly revealing that if that is a relatable feeling? I am...
  8. Jonsnow12

    Dating scene/Friends

    Been craving a relationship or more friends who are into this kink but also want to be able to connect on a deeper more personal level. Most of the sites I've been on are iffy at best, fetlife.com is huge but there are so many weirdos on there alot of people are on guard, diapermates.com has...
  9. K00paTr00pa

    I can finally sleep in diapers now

    So for years I’ve been unable to sleep in diapers despite multiple attempts and reading forums on how to do so. Usually I would get too hot wearing them, or a persistent boner would keep awake. I would then not bother wearing to bed for a long time until I got the urge to sleep in them again...
  10. bedwetterdavid

    How old are these Tranquility ATNs?

    These are for sale on Facebook marketplace but it’s about a 90 minute drive from me. I’m curious, does anybody know when they changed their packaging or would you be able to estimate about how old these are?
  11. Yagattrenes16

    How do you make adjustments for your diapers or pull ups?

    hHello everyone, I'm looking for recommendations on how to adapt pull ups so that they fit larger people? I would like to know what tricks you use, or what inventions you have to showLikewise, it would be great if you give tips on how to spread the diapers, at the moment I only know the...
  12. padded1989

    Cold weather tips?

    What are some of your best tips for wintery and cold weather diaper wearing? I like how its so much easier to hide them during winter, but they can feel extra cold at times!
  13. Malk

    Purchasing diapers and delivery service

    Do delivery companies and delivery workers know that there are diapers in the box when delivering to the home?
  14. padded1989

    Airport Tips

    What are some of your tips for wearing and diapering at the airport and during flying? I have a long family vacation flight coming up soon and am going to be wearing for it for the first time flying in awhile. Family knows I will be using them already but I am just wondering what some of you...
  15. nanas04

    Feeling Curious

    Hi everyone! I’m here with a question that I always love to ask abdl people like me. How did your interest in abdl start? I have fantasies since such an early age and I still don’t understand what was the thing that made it happen. I hope to read some answers, have a great day!🥰
  16. padded1989

    Most fun of the year so far?

    Almost a week into the new year, what has been your most fun moment in diapers so far?
  17. ralph

    Threat from wife

    I argued about being diapered with wife after she caught me wearing panties.She said if I enjoyed that she was ok with it if I allowed her to diaper me and put me plastic panties. I allow3d it once but repelled second time .Said she could call her sister to help her if She need help with me So...
  18. padded1989

    Wearing goals for 2024?

    Are you hoping to be in diapers a lot more during the new year coming up? I sure am and am excited to get more confident with having them on much more often. What are some of your goals? I have worn them out places a lot more this year and also for traveling and those felt like big personal...
  19. sissyprincess2390

    I'm Back ❤️💙💜

    Hello everyone. It's been over a month since I've last been on here and honestly not a lot as happened since then. The main reason for my absence was because I got kind of burned out being on here every single day, and I wanted to break out of that habit hence why I've been gone for the past...
  20. prettykitty44

    New to this, any suggestions ?

    Hi, recently me and my boyfriend have found this new love for ABDL. He plays the baby and I am his mommy. I absolutely love being his mommy but I’m not 100% sure how. I diaper him and give him bottles. I wear night gowns that open up for easy access for him. But I want to do more. What are some...