1. KitsuneFox

    Same Diaper ? Rearz Overnight & Tykables Waddle Cut

    . In today's global economy, it is very common to find several brands having their products manufactured by the same facilities in China or other countries. This practice is referred to as " Privet Label " or " Privet Brand " production. According to public US Customs records, both Tykables and...
  2. Nappylover145

    Clothing and diapers

    Hey! I was thinking about this and I want to start wearing more around the house (like Iv previously mentioned I still live at home with my parents I’m 19) so wearing around them is difficult as I don’t really have anything that could conceal my nappy (I love clothes and fashion it’s what makes...
  3. D


    Hello! I’m a 25 year old diaper lover. I was a bed wetter as a child until about 15 and fell in love with diapers sometime after 12. I’ve been off and on wearing 24/7 since I was pretty much 18 (through college) but always gave up after a couple of weeks. Then I moved back home and was...
  4. S

    I pee a bit in my underwear when I wake up

    Hello ! I'm a 17 years old girl.. When I wake up everyday, I can't hold my pee and goes a little bit in the underwear. Also I am a DL Please comment what kind of diapers do I need 😉 (I don't like the ones that is very thick)
  5. PetPuppyAlex

    An open letter: partner acceptance

    You don't need to stay with a partner who doesn't accept you. Society has framed this like a kink that you should be ashamed of, and a lot of folks who parrot that Puritanical sentiment, I notice, have a partner who doesn't accept their AB/DL side. Now, I want you to know -- first and foremost...
  6. th21

    Looking for some very thick diapers to wear when at home.

    I really love thickly padded diapers at home, they give me a much more secure feeling. Anyone know some really thick ones or some good doubling techiques, because whenever I do it, the second diaper doesn't absorb much, the inner one almost everything.
  7. D

    AB's with Physical Disabilities?

    I was wondering if anyone has a physical disability and is an AB or Little. And if so, how has being in diapers helped you?
  8. Kodname87

    What are the best diapers for fecal incontinence

    I buy these ones at the pharmacy but white stuff leaks out of it if you don't change them often enough.
  9. D

    Looking for advice on wearing diapers

    Hello all- I'm new here. I'm looking for advice on wearing. I had a counselor session today and told my therapist how in the past I've either worn or thought about wearing diapers. I've had a desire a couple of months ago but kind of pushed those feelings to the side. She suggested wearing them...
  10. Austen00

    Diaper stealing

    Ok so I have a little bit of a back story I was potty trained at the age of 3 by force because I wasn’t cooperating so basically I would still wet and mess in my pull ups without saying I had to go potty so my mom took them all during the day and replaced them with big boy undies and didn’t tell...
  11. TheAbodge


    Prologue: This will be my first attempt at writing anything creative since I was in school 17+ years ago. I've only ever written a few poems when I was younger, so keep that in mind while you read this. I've been wanting to write something like this for a year or so, and I'm still working out...
  12. Inkflow

    Classified: A New Life

    Hello everyone, it’s been a while, and I’d like to try my hand at writing again. This story ignores the Covid-19 pandemic, since I started writing it a long time ago before all that happened. I hope you enjoy what I have so far anyway! ############ Prologue: Day 7,118 Name: Emory...
  13. LudoErgoSum

    A little, but longer - How his stepsister changed Finn's life - Edited (Chapter 14: 05/28/2021)

    The consensus seemed to be the best plan was to start over with a new thread so here we go. For future reference, this is an edited repost of https://www.adisc.org/forum/threads/a-little-but-longer-how-his-stepsister-changed-finns-life.149593/ by Kirigaya. This first post is just to get folks...
  14. C

    Start bedwetting a diaper

    I’ve only recently got into wetting Tena super diapers and I find it pretty easy to let go and pee into the diaper but I’d really like to have the ability to go to sleep dry and wake up wet or while wetting. Does anyone know any methods or techniques on how to force it or influence it.
  15. C

    out in public

    Does anyone have any ideas about things I can do while out in public with my little to make her feel more little? Things that aren't super obvious but in someway display she's being a little more like a little? Obviously I'm not going to like change her while we're just sitting out in the park...
  16. Bebezinho

    My Experience of getting a massage

    Hello everyone! I have noticed that a few people have often wondered what it would be like to get a massage while in a diaper. I can honestly say it is an amazing experience! I have had a total of 3 massages in my life and have been padded for each one of them. My first one was after seeing the...
  17. Kingllama

    My first experience wearing at the supermarket/out in public and I'm now addicted...😍

    Recently, a few days before Christmas i wore a diaper for the first time ever leaving the house, I was going to pick my partner and her mother up from the shopping centre one evening and i had been wearing while she was out, and when she rang to be picked up the nappy was no where near done...
  18. A

    Username Ideas 😛

    Hey I'm Eli ! I'm looking for a unique abdl username that suites me for my social media platforms. I have had my current username @DiaperStarBoy for a while and I think its time for a new one . Here's some information that may help -(I'm really really really into messing) -Guys -I love...
  19. babygrayble

    Diaper Reccomendations

    I'm new to buying diapers, and I have trouble finding good ones for myself. I wear a 2xl and prefer printed diapers. So far I have only tried BareBum and Cushies by ABU.
  20. psychonautalis

    He Gets It... But, He Wants To Know Why

    Hello little and big friends, Just wanted to ask a few questions as to how you guys would answer this or respond if this were you... I've recently opened up to my partner about my diaper-wearing and my little side...and he gets it, I feel he really does. He validates me and listens...