pull up

  1. DLinSecret

    What are the best Pull Ups for Urine IC?

    I’ve been wearing Northshore Go Supreme pull-ups which under jeans are fine. But under shorts or more flimsy material it’s a little obvious in the butt area. Im looking for suggestions of a pull-up which has the capacity of Northshore Go Supreme without the added padding in the butt area. Not...
  2. W

    Favorite Diaper

    Making a list of diapers and please put your rating next to the diaper out of 10 it can be any diaper or any brand ex Pullups 5/10
  3. W

    Goodnites S/M vs L/XL

    Im skinny with a 28 inch waist I know i can fit into a medium goodnites but i was wondering if i wore a large goodnites if it would over more area like a diaper sized for me would
  4. Owls

    Found new tena pull ups

    I saw these at shopko and had to buy them. They actually contour to you body very well due to the elastic at the bottom of the pull-up it is a very interesting design feature.They have stand up leak guards and padding is thick(for a store bought diaper) through the whole front and back. I used...
  5. C

    S. Korean Goodnites Import

    I found a S. Korean exporter willing to sell the Korean goodnites with velcro sides to the US!!:smile: I've read that these are just like the slip-on diapers, and run bigger than the US goodnites. The adjustable velcro and prints are noteworthy. The problem is that shipping is costly, and I...
  6. joehiddenabdl

    Looking for work diapers

    Looking for a diaper to wear to work, but it has to fit a specific cirteria 1. It has to be purchasable in the uk,In stores not online 2.it needs to be pretty discreet so thin and not crinkly 3. Capacity is not a concern, I'll be wearing these while working with food so I'd only wet/mess on a...
  7. joehiddenabdl

    Worst Diapers

    So today my Mother was out and since im still recovoring from surgery i decided to cheer myself up by having a little fun in diapers. ive been enjoying wearing 24/7 and since I no longer have an excuse to wet since im no longer bed ridden, i decided to do so while she was out. i decided to wear...
  8. apoptosis

    Hello Kitty pull ups review!

    I finally ordered, received, wore, and "tried out" those Hello Kitty pull ups everyone has been talking about, and I wanted to share with you all what I learned! (Two important notes regarding the fit and functionality for me specifically: I am a 180 pound, 6 foot tall, 22 year old cisgender...
  9. 12String

    Bikini Cut Plastic Pants

    Last week I received a couple of pairs of bikini cut plastic pants that I ordered from E-Bay to go along with the pull-ups I bought from SuperTed. They are a perfect fit in every way. The cover the diaper completely without any extra plastic. I don't think I could have guessed better. Something...
  10. D

    Why is there no abdl pull up?

    I know that goodnites and such can fit a small adult, but they don't really hold that lot and are still generally small (well maybe because they're not meant to be worn by adults lol). Why haven't ABU, bambino and such made their own custom print pull up? Is it too complicated or do you need...
  11. Wearewhoweare

    What diaper or pull up do you like best?

    What diaper or pull up do you like best? Do you buy in stores? or order online?
  12. R

    Abena Abri Flex Review

    ok so i got some abri flex pull ups the other day and tried on out so i thought i would give you my review on them. i only got the m1 as i planed on using them at work. to start of i want to let you know i am not a diaper fan but love pull ups. until now i have only had access to tena and...
  13. foxytiger

    how can i buy diapers without my mom noticing?

    I'm wondering how I can pull off the pull-ups without my mom getting suspicious about it?
  14. Kyatto

    Competitor for Drynites(Goodnites) and Underjams

    I went to a local medical supply store (they sell drynites and some adult diapers too) earlier yesterday, I went in to get a pack of drynites as it's the closest store to me that sells the bigger sizes but they didn't stock them anymore, but the older guy at the counter (in mid 50's range) asked...
  15. T

    Local stores not selling plastic back and/or taped diapers anymore

    This is very disappointing. Found this out when going to restock for nighttime wetting. I'm stuck with the pull up kind again and they will no doubt leak. Ugh. Is this the same for any of you? Even our local pharmacy doesn't stock them anymore.