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So I've got a summer job while college is out where I'll be on the road a LOT over the summer, so i was thinking that i could wear in my car or in the hotel rooms while I'm away from my parents house. So, what would be a diaper that is fairly low-cost so i dont have to worry about using good ones while on the road? Also, ones that are low profile would be nice too, but not necessary. Thanks in advance.
If you're going to be on the road that means you're sitting... I highly recommend just going premium with abenas. Not too expensive and there is a nice bang for your buck. Nothing sucks worse than finding you've leaked in your seat... Is happened to me before and it want fun trying ti hide wet jeans in a truck stop
Boosters help immensely as well. I recommend Abri-let Maxi boosters if you're sitting.
Also, sticky tape is your friend when you are expecting to be sitting for a long time ... the tapes can be pulled and you can rip tabs/plastic shell. Putting some tape over the tabs will reinforce them just a little bit so that they won't fail on you and then cause you to end up leaking.
Thing is, as part of my job (I will be working sporting events) I will be wearing khaki or athletic shorts depending on the day, and wont really have a way of concealing the larger, premium diapers. So if i did use them, it would probably not be *in* the car, probably in the room as some fun nighttime play or something. I dont have a problem with holding it for long car trips, it was just a thought for having some fun on an otherwise boring drive.
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'm looking for something you can get at a Wal-Mart or something along those lines, i.e.: walk into a store and buy them. They dont have to be a true diaper, just kind of a "something is there" feeling, and if I wanted to wet it a little, I could, is what I'm going for.
I wear Wellness Briefs, they are not bulky, and they can be worn for up to 12 hours. They are a little on the pricy side. A case (54) costs $79.00. I ONLY use 2 a day...
I would suggest the CVS brand day and night diapers. They are a decent diaper for the price and as long as you are careful with your release they will hold a good amount. They are my preferred store brand diapers.
Wetting while sitting is hazardous in a disposable. If you're going to limit your volume, a thin diaper will be ok though. I personally like the Totaldry Plus for daytime wear. They're quite inexpensive, capacity is low but not VERY low, they have good leak guards, and are fairly quiet. They're an all-pulp diaper so they don't swell when wet but will have a little more odor.
I dont wet while sitting, since I've used a grand total off 4 diapers and I'm still super nervous so I have to do it standing up, close my eyes, and think like I'm standing at a urinal. So if i wear in the car, it will just be cause i want to wear, and not wet. If I wet, it will be in my room, standing up. And most likely in the bathtub if I've drunk a lot, just in case.
I drive trucks for a living and have work while driving. I worn Dry 24/7 with a Goodnite Try-fit insert. I haven't had a leak and it's not that noticeable as you think it may be. They also help keep odor down for awhile.
I highly recomend some disposable mats for driving. Even good diapers can leak when sitting and changing a mat is a lot easier than shampooing your seats. If you can't order anything online try to find a medical supply store to get some premium diapers. If you are absolutly stuck with retail go for double diapers with slits cut in the first one.
Then I'd stick with my Totaldry Plus recommendation for you.
I'd suggest going for goodnites and depends. They might not be glorious, but you can buy them anywhere and they do the job. That's what I wear 95% of the time.
Do you double/triple up with depends? I hear they dont hold much at all.
Go with a premium diaper I wet sitting standing or walking with no Issues when wearing an Abena Air plus diaper or plastic backed version. Level 2's are thin but not as thin as a depends diaper they are very hard to notice the airs have no crinkle sound. The level 4's are thicker but still not that noticeable I have been wearing level 4's to work for the last few weeks and no one has noticed or said anything. When I first started to wear I was so worried about what other people would think if they say I was wearing but now I no longer worry as I need to wear. Baggy shorts hide the diaper quite well.

I have peed probably 10 times in the last few weeks in the car and have never leaked with the Abena premium diapers. Stay with premium diapers that fit correctly and have the correct absorbancy level for your needs
Assuming I'm reading the thread right, you guys are just throwing your favorite brands out there without actually answering the OPs question. He wants something to wear while traveling away from his house. That means store bought brands are basically it.

Taking that into account, my recommendation is depends protection with tabs (it's the most diaper-like diaper you'll find at a typical pharmacy in the US), or if you're small (like less than 32 inch waist) goodnights. Another option might be to google "medical supply stores near <city>", where <city> is the place you're traveling to. You can often find premium brands there, such as molicare, or better than storebought brands, such as tranquility ATN.

I also recommend taking a store of plastic bags with you to put the used diapers in if you're planning on using at a hotel. That way you can be courteous to the housekeeping staff by keeping odors down and not making it super obvious what it is.
You could go for the Allways Discreet that are talked about on another thread. They are nice and petite. I seriously doubt anyone would notice them under your kakhi pants or shorts. Just be sure to change frequently. They are only good for one or two wettings. Not too bulky for wearing while driving either, and available at most Wallgreens, CVS, etc. Just be sure to change frequently so there are no leaks showing...
These are also available at Walgreens called "Certainty Fitted Briefs" and at Walmart known as "Assurance Fitted Briefs".
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