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  • I'm a sleeping member because I never have anything worth contributing. I'm not as smart as most of the people on this site, don't wanna make people mad. ^^;
    Hi! No I don't know if I have ever been on adisc chat lol I mostly creep the forums
    Hey, I am hoping we can be friends and chat sometime. I am on fetlife, with the same name. Hope to talk with you soon
    Why hello there. Mind if we become friends? I have sent you a invite. And on your posts. You do make some good points and very logical facts. You must be a child like Vulcan stuck in a human body. :D
    Live Long and prosper.
    Hello there ADISC member!

    This is just a friendly reminder to post an intro and elaborate on who you are in your about me!

    It is also recommended that you find a more personable name and avatar!
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