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  • I wanted to put this somewhere I knew you'd see it
    I hope you're doing okay, and that you have a good Christmas.

    Merry Christmas, Jonny.
    Sorry for bothering you, if I am. >.<

    Hope you come back soon. I miss ya.
    Hi how you doing pony friend.
    Hi pony friend I just want to know who is your favourite character in my little Pony and your favourite episode.
    Sorry for not replying quickly, I'm not gpeople.bringing myself to talk to new people.
    I like a few of them, I haven't watched past season 3 though and it's been a while. Derpy, Soarin and Spitfire, AJ, Double Diamond(from a certain art piece) and a few others, no specific one fave.
    It’s ok you can talk to me at your own time and thank for replying
    Yep, I know what you mean. I have a friend that lives a little outside Pheonix and they don't have much vegetation in the back, I was out there once and got to experience that once. Your right no fun.
    I didn't what to hog the OPs thread so I'll ask here

    do you get the strong winds to go with the 111-degree temp like they do in Phoenix? <- that's like being in a convection oven... not fun.
    I suppose it does, given that I am not particularly active on the forums. I apologize if I came off as awkward and/or irritating.
    Hello, fellow padded pony.

    My winter vacation from work has been a bit uneventful at times, but I am enjoying the time off nonetheless. I have been avoiding what are said to be MLP: FiM Season 8 spoilers resulting from some leak at Hasbro. How are things going for you?
    Interesting. I first heard about it when CR, a review from Channel Awesome did a retrospective of G1-G3 of MLP and then did G4. I really enjoyed the music and decided to watch the first two episodes and I was hooked. I watched all of season 1 on YouTube and the first episode I saw on TV was The Cutie Pox. It's amazing what this fandom has created from the music by WoodenToaster and LivingTomb to reviewers like Dr. Wolf and Silver Quill.
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