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  • First thing is your ok .
    Dont hate who you are we all may feel that way from time to time but you matter very much.
    I'm brave enough to talk openly but my past I feel can be similar to what your past may have been.
    Our fear stops us from letting anybody in of being hurt because we've been hurt before it's a protection.
    You know that we don't want to get hurt again so we put up a shell to protect ourselves.

    Like I said there's nothing wrong with you.
    You are unique as everyone here is unique also.
    I mean look at how many people here are into diapers look at all the sites were everyone's in the diapers.
    So you're not alone there may not be a lot of us in comparison to the world population but you're not alone.
    you're one of many with the same interest and maybe the same past.
    So welcome brother you like everyone else here somewhat.
    Thanks for the dry 24/'7 update. I'd rep you but it won't let me rep you twice in one night.

    ps..sharing is caring :p
    Hey saw your really old post about the plastic sheets at Job Corps. I am currently in job corps and Being incontinent they supply Diapers for me. My first center (got into to TCU) Would let me pick what I wanted (dry 24/7s, Plastic backed Abena's, and cloth diapers from My new center uses a place called Medline and they don't have much of a selection. They have Molicares but they rest of their stuff is generic crappy brands. Luckily I have tons left from my old center.
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