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    Would you like to help improve the lives of others suffering incontience?

    I think the incontinence market is pretty much high on the discretion side because of the stigma. In my opinion, it has worsened products. At the same time smaller companies fill the need that bigger companies leave behind. For instance cloth backed products are horrible for many reasons, but it...
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    New Ecoables Cloth Diapers Review

    I've been neglecting doing this for awhile, there's a thread started by someone asking about them, I'm not trying to thread jack, but I think a proper review has been long over due by me. I'm also restricted to mobile access via Tapatalk so it won't be pretty. I'm not able to organize pictures...
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    Gathering Interest for a Median Diaper

    I've made a poll to express the interest of a median, ABDL themed diaper. I know at least a few people here are also interested. Please visit this poll so that we can get our opinions to vendors. Please also share this poll with other communities as well so that we can get as many opinions as...
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    Frustrated about Government, Louisiana Flood.

    You may or may not agree with everything I say, but hear me out. Before this major disaster occured, I've already had no faith in the government. Now I'm really starting to question the authenticity of all government programs. I'm sure many people know what happened here in Louisiana two...
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    Goodnites Deal at Walgreens

    Currently Goodnites/Huggies/Pull-ups are on sale at Walgreens for 2/$18. If you buy 4 packs or $30 in Huggies products, you'll get $10 in Walgreens rewards and can be used for purchasing more for free. You can get 5 packs for $7.20ea Wipes are also on sale 2/$12 (168-212ct). You can also use...
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    CBS The Talk Tykables

    Today's episode has Tykables references. Nothing worth noting much, practically made fun of, but they said they didn't care about having something like that if it were in their neighborhood.
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    Feeling Lost and Unmotivated

    All my life I feel as if everything I've done is a battle. It just seems to get worse. I just don't have it in myself anymore. I've often thought that life is pointless. I've never enjoyed my life. It seems like I would like to do something, get ready to do it, and just completely lose all...
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    Modern Cloth Diapers Stuffing

    For the longest time I've been wanting to get some type of modern cloth diapers, but to me, they look rather thin. I've seen multiple brands out there, but I'm not sure how much material can be stuffed into it. Every website that I come across has very minimal details. The one detail that is...
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    Should ABU make a Incontinence products website?

    I've been thinking a lot about the incontinence products that are available today, comparing them to what we have as AB/DLs. We have the best diapers hands down. Then I look at what incontinent/disabled people have and 90% of those products are awful. I know there's Dry 24/7, Abena, and a few...
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    Baby Bottle iPhone Case

    I came across something rather interesting. I'd love to have one but I don't have an iPhone and don't plan on getting one. Available at includes free global shipping.
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    Bambino Getting Boring?

    It seems that Bambino is pretty set about the designs on their diapers. They haven't changed any of their designs in years. Top me, it's getting a little stale. Of course they're other places to shop and get something different, but, I'd like to see something refreshing. Anyone else feel this...
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    A Visit to NorthShore.

    Today, I had the pleasure of visiting the warehouse. It was much bigger than I though it was going to be. I was driving a car rental to Chicago and was low on supplies. They were in the area so I decided to order for a pick up. I haven't ordered from them before and I've been...
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    Folding tips for a newbie, on cloth diapers with cloth inserts?

    There's a few good ways to fold. It also depends on how it fits you to get some of the folds to fit. The pictures are pretty self explanatory. You can roll up the sides and make leak guards. You can also add some thickness to it. I found pins difficult to deal with so I use Snappi...
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    NFL players used to wear Onesies

    I was watching the Antiques Road Show on LPB. It showed a game worn jersey for Sam Huff of the Washington Redskins and it was a snap crotch jersey. Check it out... If they only made Saints ones 😁.
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    Deminsions of Tena Slip Large

    I'm trying to figure out the size of these compared to Dry 24/7 mediums. I found the medium dimensions and they seem smaller in the wings width. It seems I fit in Dry 24/7 perfectly. I'd just like to try Tena before they're history.