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  • Hey there Ella! I was wondering if you ever got an answer on how job corps handles bedwetting. I sleep in diapers nightly and I really enjoy the comfort/convenience they afford me. I really don’t want to have to explain odors/stains to roommates.
    Yeah Medline stinks, you can actually squeeze it and the liquid is squeezed out if it were from a sponge. Job Corps is ok if you have the patience for it, I would use them to get support with entering a real college though, the degrees they hand out to you are laughed at by employers, I hope you do really well there.
    I just really like character development.
    I only ever watched FMA and really got into it.
    wow good work load the trade is hiring so when you have the certs it makes you employable

    a side note welding while diapered they CAN catch fire (by experience)
    hey man!!!
    just wanna say HEY!
    sorry i've been crazy-busy this month!... don't ask! :(
    Hope you're having a really fun summer!
    hit me back here or on yahoo (usually on nights)
    - Will :)
    ya sorry for not being around but i am certified in arc, mig,tig,flux heli-arc, underwater and all position it helps ALOT to have those papers when applying for a job ive put the project on hold for now my machine shop is having a lot of business so i need to work on that first but when the first batch is done anyone that sends me a box will get a returned box of diapers

    what college are you at ?
    whats the certs offered ?
    do they have machine shop?(if so take it)
    what process are being cert in?

    also on the diapers ive been doing a sample sizes but i need to determine the average adult small waist size for the diapers i want them to fit like baby diapers so i was thinking 30-32 in dose thar sound right or not ive been racking my brain over this and my other 7 axis contracts for the shop

    anyway sorry for the long post but im curious

    if you to help design the diapers get me at my aim
    Yeah, I also underwent blood tests and found out that I have an extra x. I have a brother who has an extra y, which is basically the opposite of what you have, but an extra y supposedly means nothing but height whereas an extra x in females runs the risks of learning disabilities (although I don't think I have any except that I suck at math).

    I'm kind of rambling. It's just that I rarely meet someone else with an extra chromosome outside of a Yahoo group that I honestly ignore for the most part because parents of Triple-X daughters post so many ignorant questions.
    Sorry, I was reading your comments on my friends' profile. Your chromosomes do what? I'm a female with three x chromosomes.
    Ah, sorry about that. As someone who probably identifies with his male body that must be hard. I'm a girl who was born in a boy's body, so I can sorta understand that in a way. But it's been very hard for me, but I live full time as a girl and I'm transitioning into becoming one. Sorry for the confusion on that end. :)

    But thanks for being polite and sharing.
    Depending on the dorm...we now call them residence halls...(we are trying to be hip).

    Most of them offer a private bedroom. At least 4 don't. We do have a couple single bedrooms...but getting those are rare and you basically need a legit disability to get one. Not sure about the GED...I am more of a housing person as that is who I work for.
    Hello fellow Georgian(I think thats it)
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