Are single-tape diapers worth a try?

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So here's a problem I have with many ABDL diapers: The top two tapes fit me great, but my hips are so wide that the bottom two tapes don't stay on. So then I size up and the diaper is too big for a good fit.

Would a single-tape diaper like Cushies solve this problem for me? Is it worth a try?
Best answer, "maybe". Everyones body shape/size is different, so everyones diaper fits differently. Give them a shot. You could also try reinforcing your bottom tapes with duct tape.
I have done that. With ABU Space, that works fine. With DC Amors and Idyls, my legs were suffocating!
Try again with a large, but try attaching the top tapes lower. MUCH lower. 2-3 inches. You're going to have an overhang, but just see how it feels.

Some large diapers make the wings wider and shell longer, but don't really increase padding length, leaving a large area of "dead plastic" in the front and back. You can use a scissors and trim most of that off, down to maybe an inch or so, to shorten the length so it fits better (in front anyway) yet still gives you wider wings so the lower tapes reach around. XP Medical's Absorbency Plus fit like that.

all of these diapers have at least four inches of total front+back dead plastic, and at least a 30 inch shell width. Try them

Molicare Comfort Super
ID Expert Slip Maxi PE
AwwSoCute Bears
XPMedical Absorbency Plus 4
Dry247 ConfiDry

(ID Expert Slip Maxi PE wins, 4.75" combined dead ends)
What do you mean by an overhang?
You should definitely try Cushies. No guarantees sorry they would suit but really they are fabulous!

For me I put the tapes closer to the top of the taping panel rather than the middle and it certainly frees up leg space and keeps the top from folding over as readily.
puppyfat said:
What do you mean by an overhang?

I mean if you attach the upper tapes several inches down from the front edge, the front of your diaper is going to be several inches higher than the back. There won't be any support in that area, and it will be prone to folding forward and possibly down, inside-out, at the top front.
I get the best fit and comfort with two tape diapers.

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I've had very good experiences with Cushies. As mentioned above, one's body shape will dictate. Adult diaper sizes are relatively few, meaning that each diaper size has to address a rather wide range of body shapes and sizes. Compare this to baby diapers, which are stretchy as hell and yet still available it seven or eight sizes, depending upon brand. So the two-tape adult diapers are a bit more forgiving, because you have have another tool--or two tools, I guess--to conform the diaper to your body. The solution, I'll maintain, is to do as baby diapers have done for some time, and incorporate larger elastic panels into the taping system. Tena's done this with their Stretch diapers, although they weren't going for a babyish look and certainly didn't achieve one. I'm hoping that the upcoming revision to the cloth-backed Cushies--the "Preschool" diaper (God, that's such a horrible name for a diaper!)--tries to do this.
I much prefer the fit of single tape diapers. Way, way better. I am a skinny male with somewhat bony hips, so YMMV.
Taping up your diapers in a different way could fix that. Also, bottom tapes don't need to be taped too tightly. Let the elastics do their job. Make sure you pull the front half of the diaper up snugly. Apply the top tapes first.

When taping the bottom tapes. Pull and right before applying, give it a little bit of slack before sticking it. Give your legs some room to move while walking and sitting, and everything else.
Personally I don't really trust them, I prefer 2 or 3 tape all the time

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