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Thread: What tapes do you like better?

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    Default What tapes do you like better?

    Would you rather have adhesive tapes or Velcro tabs when putting on a diaper.

    I'd prefer Velcro because they can be adjusted an infinite number of times, unless they rip.

    Sometimes when they have adhesive, they can lose their stickiness forcing me put on underwear over it.

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    This is how I ended up switching from a plastic backed to a cloth like backing. I went from Dry 24/7 and Abena M4 to Tena Stretch Super and Ultra because I was told the Velcro like tabs are more secure and move with you more. I found this to be true, And I love them.

    Also, the Tena don't cost as much and armuch less bulky. Either way, I try to change every 3 to 4 hours and I also wear plastic pants most of the time. Taking these two things into consideration, the Tenas do usually hold for 3 to 4 hours and with plastic pants, I don't miss the plastic backing that much.

    While I now prefer the cloth backing w Velcro tabs, the plastic backed diapers still have a place. They are what I use to sleep in and I still wear them during the day on occasion.

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    The extra freedom to make adjustments as I shift positions that velcro offers is great. I was sad when ABU had to sacrifice the hook and loop system on the cloth backed cushies. Tapes are all well and good, but as you mentioned they lose their stickiness. My remedy when they do is to add a strip of packing tape. It's less than ideal, but it gets the job done.

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    Tapes all the way for me, so much prefer the one tape per side.

    I have tried very few Velcro style tabs which I have found to be acceptable for adults.

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    I prefer velcro at work just for ease of getting to the bathroom if need be and changing

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    Has to be sticky tapes for disposables. I'm okay with Velcro or the like for cloth diapers.

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    I like the idea of Velcro tabs but have yet to try any other than the depends refastenables. Which were totally garbage. They would pop off after just a few minutes every time even when I was just sitting still.

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    Has to be regular tape for me. Velcro tabs stretch out and become loose over time.

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    no contest for me: strong single plastic tapes and a good tape panel.

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