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  • Its been a long time since I last posted anything. So heres some more recent info. I started a new job a few years ago thats much better pay than anything I've ever had, its been going well and thats afforded me alot more options as far as activities and hobbies. I've taken to cars as my central hobby. I've been a brony for 6 years. Dl wise ive been slowly evolving but mostly just keeping it a weekend activity.
    Hi, and thanks for accepting my add.I added you because I like what you said on my thread about wetting and also pretty much everything you wrote on your profile I can relate to.I thought I was the only one who liked nappy's and wetting before I came here.Yes my Applejack picture is pretty cute.I've been a brony for over a year now and love it.I've met some really nice people and been to bronycon last year.I've watched nearly all the episodes of season 4 and all of the previous seasons.
    Been playing pokemon X in my free time recently rather than spending that time here. so my activity here is sure to suffer, as well as DL time as all my motivation is now centered on pokemon, as well as some other more important things. Apologies if anyone is missing me, i miss you guys too, ill try and check in regularly.
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