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    Thermal cameras

    Im doubtful it would be all thay noticeable under clothing unless it was huge and soaked.
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    Thermal cameras

    This is awesome i wanna see more vids of ppl doing this.
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    Vintage goodnites giveaway.

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    Outed by a stranger

    It's easy enough to hide if you're really serious about it. But im trying to meet my future diaper friends and girlfriends so i intentionally leave a trail to follow for those who are seriously interested and intelligent enough to search for it.
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    Sitting in a diaper all day.

    I've always found that wearing tends to aggravate my back, thigh muscles, and feet. Its not like anything crazy or everytime either, but it is more noticeable if i spend more time padded.
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    ABU on Amazon (US)!

    More importantly its a good way to buy a bag and not have to pay $10+ to ship it. The price is already insane enough.
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    Awkward friends diaper comment

    I had a similar situation a few months ago. Where i let my friend hold my phone, i have a habit of just using the search bar for everything and ignoring the fact that it opens other apps. So he clicks on the browser and ADISC was the last page i was on apparently. He made the comment of, "what's...
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    Companies that won't send junk mail

    Not soo quickly though. If you buy from a third party through Amazon you're still likely to receive mail from the 3rd party.
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    Outed by a stranger

    For sure, its just gonna take a while for it to leave recent memory. It's just one of those moments you remember for the rest of your life, and I'll be upset when I do for one reason or another.
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    Outed by a stranger

    Just a perk of being me and having an elephant's memory.
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    tykables cost to much now

    Its crazy, because they used to be even cheaper.
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    Outed by a stranger

    I thought about owning it. its too late for that now since I already deleted the post. The thing about small communities is that information travels both ways. I may not know her personally but i know some fucked up shit about her too. I really wish I could post her private life for the world to...
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    Outed by a stranger

    FB asked me to register for voting which i had already, but to get rid of the notification i went ahead and shared their thingy trying to get others to vote. Of course it blew up into a giant debate over Trump vs Biden or whatever political garbage. I largely stayed uninvolved, but eventually a...
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    First time

    Depends upon what your interested in. If you want to pee your pants multiple times and enjoy the warm squishy feeling then go for something like betterdry, dry 24/7, or abena. If you're into the cute designs and age play, then you'll want rearz, crinklez, or abu. If you just want to wear a...
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    NorthShore MegaMax Pink Size Small Now Available

    I for one am actually more excited about pink than any of the other colors so far. I prefer white myself but, it's a perfect color for females in daytime, and honestly pink is really getting popular with males too. I like that its a soft pink and not super eye-catching. I may just order some...