Intelligence, Agility, Wisdom, Persistence, Productivity and being able to see things from all points of view, are just some of the things i deem most important in life.

Cars, Science, UFO's/Aliens, Acquiring knowledge and wisdom, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Clinton, North Carolina, USA
  1. Diaper Lover
  1. Straight
  2. Bi
  3. Asexual
  4. Other
  5. Unsure
Lift Operator, Shipping
Favourite diaper
Dry 24/7 , Tykables Overnights, Seni Quatro
Personal Space
I've enjoyed wearing and wetting diapers basically from the time i outgrew them, but does that mean i ever outgrew them? My favorite part of wearing diapers is the warm wet feeling of pee spreading all over. My second favorite part is the smell of a golden wet diaper. My third favorite part is the bulk and squish of a wet diaper as i move or sit.

I don't wear full-time but sometimes i wish i would. If i truly had a need I would have no problems with wearing full-time or people finding out. I have a major desire to wet my diaper while sleeping.

I've seen my share of hardships, and I've overcome my share of obstacles. I find that once I truly put my mind to something nothing can stop me from achieving my goal.

I try and encourage everyone to always think positively. With enough positive energy, negativity can hold no influence over you. Every person who can effectively become positive is another person on the path to make our world a better more positive and accepting place.

I used to be very interested in the furry lifestyle, but in more recent years i find myself spending less and less time thinking about it. the following was written a few years back: I view myself as being embodied or imbued with the traits of the fox. I also wish that i could be a fox anthro, the main thing being having a big soft bushy tail. If there was or ever is some way via medical science that i could become anthro or grow a bushy fox tail I would be the first to sign up.
Nowadays im a brony(adult fan of my little pony). i still accept and like the furry lifestyle, but im slightly more focused on reality.

I am a very unique person. Sometimes my differences intimidate people or keep them at a distance, but those who really know me or choose to get close find that I am like no other. Friends know that they can trust me with anything. That i am always willing to listen and will give good thought and insight into what they are telling me. Many people have called me th