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  • Hay My Name is Pauly i just wanted to say and see if i can chat with you i am Catholic and i am a little and i wanted to find some friends i could chat with that would know what it is being catholic and also having that abdl dynamic in thier life. hopefully this gets to you well God bless
    I actually did a drawing today! with a pencil too, not something done on my ipad. downsides.... it took way too long and it's not colored, and that sorta drives me nuts. plus I just took a picture of it. The scanner is huge, not hooked up, and I dunno where to put it.

    i'm sorry for the delay, life has had me by the shorthairs recently, lots going on. spent last weekend at a funeral.

    I have been so stressed that I have not had the energy for the adisc forums or the people whom I enjoy messaging with (thats you dummy! =P)

    Please continue being patient with me just a little longer and i will send you the detailed PM you deserve!


    Posted here because your inbox is FULL
    We really should have a page for it, like we used to have for IRC and team speak (before we switched to Discord).

    Anyways, hope to see you on Discord at some point. :)
    Thanks for the friend request, I'm surprised we didn't think of doing that sooner. Also wanted to say thank you for your very kind words in that last post. I am humbled.
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