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  • I accidentally dumped out my pack of north shore boosters in my closet the other day and found out that I only have 6 left. While I tried to recover them I dug deep in my closet and found about 100 empty diaper packs of various brands that my dad & I bought. (That I used) for over two years. Yet it only filled my outside garbage bin halfway before stuff was piled on top.
    Now I have 3 onesies that I can no longer use. Two of them used to fit but they shrunk when I washed them and I can't even close the snaps. The other one just feels tight and sometimes the snaps will come undone. I might wanna buy my onesies from somewhere other than EBAY. Maybe from little kink boutique.
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    have pics, what size,and what do u want for them?
    So I got Just Dance 2020 this weekend and decided to give animal crossing a break. One thing I like about this version (for switch) is that Ubisoft fixed their JD unlimited service on the switch as it didn't work on the 2019 version. You have to make an account with them to use JDU now. Gonna use up my 30 day free trial before paying for another year.
    Hey I am not trying to bother you at all, you might be busy just letting you know that I am free all the time basically if not I will specify and would love to visit your island, this is the last time I will make a post about.

    Hope this doesn't sound pushy :D just noticed you were back on
    I finallly got a new job. I'll be working at some cleaning company tomorrow evening. Giving me less time to play around & be little, but on the plus side I can start building my money back up for when I get low on diapers again.
    A couple of months ago I lost my black pacifier. I've been looking all over my room for it. I just found it today in my big box of legos after putting my sets away. I don't know how it got in there.
    I turns out once FedEx starts a delivery, it can't be stopped until it reaches it's destination. So now I have to go to FedEx and return the tranquility myself. Also, they sent me free samples but they don't fit. (They're medium and I tried them already).
    They're going to reach out to FedEx so they could take my order back, I also asked for a refund for the wrong size Tranquility, and then re-ship the megamax I ordered.
    I ordered some diapers from Northshore through my phone, and I was having problems. First the site froze. Then I managed to buy a pack of megamax and Tranquility ATN. I selected large for tranquility, but my order somehow came up medium. Now I'm trying to see if they can fix it. I will never use my phone for online shopping again.
    I doubt they won’t be able to help you. Northshore is a super awesome company in my experience and they have really awesome reps. Maybe try the “chat” option and ask if there’s anything that can be done?
    I finally managed to send you a friend request it finally went through after sometime of fighting with the system I gave up and come back to it later to make it work and viola you now have a friend request again thanks for the help with the microwave thing. XD
    I have tried sending you a friend request numerous times but the site keeps having me log back in over and over and over every time I click on something and it is just frickin' ridiculous! I will keep trying though until I succeed at sending you one.
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