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  • I also bought another set of joycons last week. That had flaws once they were out of the box. Both sticks don't have padding, The R button Won't work. And the lights on the left one doesn't work, but it still works while detached.
    A couple of weeks ago, I sent my drifty joycons to Nintendo to get them fixed. I finally got them back yesterday. They left one was able to get its stick replaced, but ended up getting a replacement for the right one.
    I decided to wash all of my plushie's onesies along with my work uniforms today. They're just baby rompers. Also the Tena diapers I normally use got an update. They're thinner, softer, and have smoother tabs. So comfy.
    Work has been really easy lately. Not that much to clean. Today I finished everything in less than 90 minutes, even got all the trash in one hour. When I got home was so hungry I ate a steak as soon as I cooked it. Didn't even wait for the Mac & cheese to be done.
    I spent my Friday morning in a crinklz, it took two floodings and a small wetting before changing into a tena.
    So I tried swimming with a diaper with plastic pants over it. I even had a girls swimsuit on because it was early in the morning so no one would find out. Had a little bit of fun in the pool but the plastic pants didn't work. My diaper got completely waterlogged. It only gets that thick when you play with water.
    My dad bought a pool at the auction last week and I thought he was going to sell it. But he's actually setting it up in my back yard. I'd love to get in it in just a diaper & plastic pants, maybe a one piece swimsuit over it. However, my friends next door want to get in it as soon as it's filled up. 😔
    This Saturday my neighbors need me to help out in their shop while they are away. So that's the 2nd weekend in a row where I can't be in little space completely. And I have to come in early in the morning, can't even sleep in after a week of work. I normally use the weekends to wind down and regress. At least I have Sunday to be a baby.
    So the right stick on my switch pro controller snaps for some reason (I don't know how or when) and my joycons have drift problems. So I had to order new controllers on Amazon. The official Nintendo ones are way too expensive and can be faulty, so third party joycon seem like they work better and only cost me $45 plus another 45 for the KK Slider Pro Controller I bought. Should get them in 3 days.
    So my friends are going to Florida next week for a couple of weeks. Wish I could go with them but I don't wanna risk spending another year looking for another job. Plus It could be better to take the bus to work rather than cabs for the whole two weeks to save my next paycheck, if I need more diapers later.
    So I got a new SD card for my switch (128 GB to replace my 64 GB one) as I needed more space for more games. I was in a Crinklz diaper and a skirt while my system was trying to redownload all of my deleted games, but at least I had my save data backed up. If I need to expand again I could get a 256g card online.
    I accidentally dumped out my pack of north shore boosters in my closet the other day and found out that I only have 6 left. While I tried to recover them I dug deep in my closet and found about 100 empty diaper packs of various brands that my dad & I bought. (That I used) for over two years. Yet it only filled my outside garbage bin halfway before stuff was piled on top.
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