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  • Got 2 new pairs of arthritis gloves in the mail. The last pair squeezed my hands, so I went a size up. I feel like laying down & cuddling my bear, but I have to get ready for work.
    Wake up at 10 AM (slept for 9 hours), took off my wet diaper, closed my onesie, and grabbed a pop tart for breakfast because I'm too lazy to use the microwave.
    Didn't get much sleep last night. Couldn't fall asleep until 3:30 am, only got 4 & a half hours of sleep. Decided to buy a pair of carpal tunnel gloves from Amazon for $10. My hands get numb/feel pain after playing a game or cooking too long.
    A mouse fell off a vent in the ceiling and landed on top of me this afternoon. I thought a beetle was crawling on me until I saw its tiny hands. (A bug would've been better).
    Now I'm going to sleep in a pink megamax with a baba of strawberry milk ready.
    I was on my Switch tonight when I had the urge to pee. I was about to head to the bathroom because I forgot I was diapered for a second. When I realized, I just let it flow and it leaked. Weird, I never forget I'm wearing.
    Its raining outside. My dad got a few packs of depends briefs for free at an auction. I'll change out of this wet pink megamax and into one of them and take a nap.
    I've been sleeping with that green bear every night instead of Barry. I've named her Lena. Also have a while bear named Whitney to keep him company along with Bertha.
    My Crinklz arrived today. Then I get notified that my regular ride to work is sick, giving me only 20 minutes to get ready & catch the bus. And the bus is now the ONLY place in town people have to wear a mask. I hate masks.
    Started a load of laundry before putting on my night time diaper. Need to get my work uniforms, socks, and onesies clean. Now I'll have a baba of strawberry milk & tomorrow I'll be wearing a different kind of Tena diaper.
    I wet myself at work without noticing for the first time. Started work dry, was collecting trash, then checked myself behind a wall and realized I was suddenly wet.
    And now back to K. R. U. D. With all the latest "Im not letting those mice steal my cheez-its" news. And the neighbors fireworks are making my dog hide in the closet.
    I had to go to the potty twice this morning for #2 cause I don't mess that often. So I took off my onesie because I don't feel like buttoning it back up just in case of another trip. Now I'm under the covers in just a diaper.
    I saw this ad on Hulu, it was a PSA on drunk driving. The guy was wearing a bib and drinking milk from a sippy cup. Then he says "I want ice cream, I'll drive there." His girlfriend is like, "you can't drink and drive, play with this instead," and hands him a teddy bear.
    Lately I've been getting a lot of friend requests on Facebook from other Abdl folk. But most of them want a DDLB relationship, and I don't want that. So I either block them or just delete the requests.
    I went for a different kind of Tena diaper than what I normally wear instead of Northshore this time. I bought over 100 Tena proskin diapers on Amazon. I need to save some money for the games I wanna get this year.
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