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Thread: Saving rare/discontinued diapers for special occasions

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    Default Saving rare/discontinued diapers for special occasions

    I always keep a few rare or discontinued diapers and set them aside for special occasions. They're also useful to keep as a reference to compare to newer diapers on the market. How many of you do this too? What old/discontinued diapers do you have stored at the back of your closet? I'm currently down to my last bag of the old plastic-backed Tena Slip Maxis and have decided to keep the last few stored away for posterity.

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    I have a few comficares and two crinklz v1. Probably gonna keep them as collectors items hehe

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    I own a pretty varied stash, still with some diapers I bought 10 years ago in it, and lately I've been saving a few, or possibly an entire pack *plus* a few spares, of the ones that aren't produced anymore or have undergone major design changes. Those, I usually keep with no intention of using them at all. I also have a good stock of discontinued models such as the plastic backed Delta M3 by Abena, or the plastic backed Euron Slip, that I stocked up on when I got news that they were being switched to cloth backed, and I'm going through them very, very slowly, until I'll reach that point where I'll have a couple of packs and a bunch left and I'll put those away. The oldest diapers I have around are a gift from a friend who's also into collecting them and they are a few tape-up American youth diapers from the early '90s (Attends I think?) which have a kind of plastic backing so smooth and thick that would be pure bliss to find on a diaper nowadays.

    I also have a "specialties" box where I keep diapers like Dry 24/7s and ABUs, which I normally buy when I'm in the U.S. and that, however available in Europe too, would be more expensive to get here, and I therefore use very sparingly. In that box I also keep samples of diapers like DCs, Fabines, or Bambinos, that have been awaiting the right moment to be tested out properly.

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    hah, and here I thought I was the only one to keep discontinued diapers "for a special occasion"...

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    i've got quite a few hidden away. got an original Indaslip. i think i used my last late-90s/early-00s Attends a while ago for a comparison with the current ones.
    also got some from the 90s when, in the UK at least, there was an explosion of brands with all their differing designs for the 'newly invented' adult market and most of which fell by the wayside as the big boys seized control. some designs are now used by those same big boys, albeit with the awful 'cloth-like' outer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ade View Post
    i think i used my last late-90s/early-00s Attends a while ago for a comparison with the current ones.
    How did it compare to the new ones? Or other newer diapers for that matter. I always wonder if the old Attends were really as good as people claim they were.

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    I wore the legendary Attends tri tapes when I first became IC , they really were great diapers .my G/F wears the current Attends and they are getting better than they were under paper Pak ownership but still nothing like they were back then, I also wore the hospital attends in February when I had a stroke and they were decent compared to some hospital diapers , 12 bucks for a little more than a paper towel in some hospitals.

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    I like to collect vintage baby diapers, pull ups, and the like. Usually what I do when I run low on a certain one, I'll keep 1 or 2 of every design in a package, store them away, and bring them out for a special occasion.

    Some I have to use 2 together at a time, so there are times I run through some quicker than others.

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    I used to do this, but the excess baggage became a bit much. It also ruined one of my best memories. I used to use Attends back when they were awesome (late '90's blue six tapes). I had two stashed away for the longest time and rediscovered them after a move a few years ago. A dull ache to try them again turned into an unimaginable and impossible to ignore urge. I broke one out for bedtime...and was shattered by morning. They were ATROCIOUS!!!! The plastic was ridiculously thin and almost brittle. The padding was almost ineffective, clumped badly, and was not very good at resisting press-out. Not only that, I had forgotten what a wet diaper from then actually felt like (a pile of wet cotton fluff and paper towels in a trash bag). When I woke up in the morning, there was no doubt that I had had an accident. They reminded me of growing up with only a plastic sheet for protection, very cold and very very damp.

    I guess it's true what they say, "never meet your hero". Or in this case, let sleeping dogs lie. Because of that incident, I didn't see the need to "collect" anything anymore. Technology moves on, the products improve greatly, and they were never designed to be anything other than consumable and disposable.

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    That's the biggest thing people need to remember is what they were back then was great ,what they are now is a relic ,diapers have evolved just like everything else, and Lord knows since they started putting SAP in has been a game changer ,so nostalgia about what was ,does not jive with what is , I remember my first car and spending an afternoon installing a FM converter,today we just buy a an outrageous FM stereo for less than that converter cost , oldie stuff is truly good stuff if you evaluate in the context of the time period when it was new , I remember when analog cell phones came out and you carried them in a briefcase , are they fun to look at yeah, do they work now no, are we better of with an iPhone or Android in our pocket probably so , I would imagine 75 years from now , they will wonder what the rage of a smart phone was ,because it will eventually be a chip imbeded in your foot at birth with a heads up display , probably in your actual head.

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