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  • I'm glad there's someone on here who can appreciate a little bit of high culture :smile1:
    Hey, I tried to send you a private message but your storage is full or something, I think you have to free up your stored messages
    Yeah, good diapers hers are really expensive. And fuel is really cheap. But we, Russians, still think that it's very expensive. We'll, it's expensive comparing to Russian common salaries, but cheap comparing to other countries.
    Oh, I didn't think that you have the same situation in Italy. As for me, I don't know any ABs or DLs in Moscow or near :( Also, diapers. Here we have only cloth-backed Tena and Seni, we also have Molicare (don't know whether it has plastic or cloth backing). Those diapers really suck. I know the person who decided to buy Crinklz. It costed 5000 rubles (about 75€) for 9 diapers.
    And yes, the deeper you go into Russia the worse are the roads. You know, I like winter trips because of the breathtaking landscapes, I'll try to send you a photo.
    Hihi. Sorry for not replying earlier, I had to achieve Established Contributor to be able to send PMs. Yeah, it's kinda rare to meet a Russian here. Btw, I drove to Berlin and to Prague for few times, it's pretty fun (Polish roads aren't very good though, but also I can't say Russian roads are good too.) Well, we have very few ABDLs here. As I guess, there are a lot of them, but not all of them are active in social networks. We also have one forum for ABDLs. And what about Italian ABDL community? ^ ^
    thank you for saying i was awsome a long time ago...sorry my life has been crazy...this is my first time back in years and i just saw your post....hilarious lol. thank tho,
    Yep, its just things i can download over and over again so its not a big deal if it dies.
    Plus I always take the chance to remake my Music Library when I can cause it means I can get different things outside of my usual bands.

    And psssh :v I need no caretaker checking on me but yeah will probably use the 24/7s the next time around minus the booster, I dont need that lol.
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