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  • What happened to you mate? Haven't seen you in forever... Since before I was banned for being under 18 last December, in fact.
    Please enlighten me with your views! I love hearing other people's opinions even if they are very different than mine. I'll tell you one more nugget of my world views though, I truly feel that every person to come onto this shitty planet of ours is beautiful and is an "angel" in their own right. The reason we may be perceived differently is because of what either the world (or God if you believe in such things) has thrown at us (disabilities, limitations, and social outliers: like being an ABDL) or what society has shaped us into. I guess this is the true nature of why I am what I am and why I try so damn hard to go back to that perfection that is being an innocent child.

    Like I said, please share your thoughts. I will be more than happy to read them... in my eyes, learning about someone always beats spouting of shit about myself I already know.
    Rant part 2: It is a shame that society curbs individuality and by doing so prevents us from ever recognizing what geniuses may or may not have walked in our presence. For example, world renown violinist Joshua Bell played his million dollar Stradivarius in a Washington subway station and was completely ignored by all but one person despite the fact that he played six Bach pieces that are considered to be some of the hardest to master. I feel like I'm already starting to go off on a tangent but I'll leave with this thought: for the same reason that Joshua Bell was ignored, the music you or may listen to will be as well despite the fact that mindless computer garbage like Lady Gaga and Kesha will be world renown. In short, I agree with you that looks don't matter and at this point though I go to great lengths to avoid being discovered I guess I don't know if I would really try and dance around the fact if I were to be confronted about it.
    Well by my standards that rant is fairly short lol... You are right though. The way society has shaped itself is truly frightening. It is now subject to being cold, heartless, uncaring, unsympathetic , and downright cruel. I try to distance myself from the standards that it has laid out in order to keep myself sane and still the unique individual that I know I am. If I happen to fit into any stereotypes it is entirely coincidental and it's not like I will try to avoid that since it is bound to happen anyway. Moreover, I feel that every person on this planet who has ever existed is a unique and beautiful creation and it is wrong to rob one of that, something the average person does not by design, but by what was wrongfully taught to them by our cruel society.
    I'm really good. I am out in seattle now and my life has never been better. How's things with you? Good I hope :)
    Glad you liked my quote. Yes, it's a song. It's called Hurricane and Needtobreathe is the band that sings it. Look it up, it's one of my favorites!
    Cool bands there, some I am not a fan of but plenty are good. And yes it is always nice to meet a fellow progger on here. :)
    I am not so sure that what you are saying is babbling. I feel the exact same way. There are certain records out there that put me in a place of bliss and solace like nothing on this planet could (apart from I guess nappies). As for drugs, I agree with your outlook on that as well. To me it is a way of masking the pain and all to real negativity of life whereas music is spiritual and feels like the artist is communicating directly to me and trying to tell me something that words can not. Another perfect record (other than Crack the Skye, that is) is Fear of a Blank Planet by Porcupine Tree. Next time you get a chance, give that one a shot as well. It is, in my opinion, in the same ball park as CTS, genre wise and in terms emotional output.
    Sir, you have the best avatar on this site that I have seen thus far. CTS is easily one of the greatest records I have ever heard in my life. Listening to the entirety of it makes me feel incredible. It is a feeling I can liken to being high without the use of drugs.
    Hi, thanks for the nice comment on my wall. I will hit you up later when I have a min. You list your location as US, but write like you are from the UK. Did you move, or is that just you?... (I like it BTW). Take Care :)
    Your avatar is extremely bad ass.

    I know thats kind of random, but I just felt like making the comment :3
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