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  • eyy saw that you were new to MtG in your profile, what kinda decks do you run? :3 (Sorry a bit of an odd question but I enjoy knowing what others play with)
    Ah yeah Pian mentioned the Molicares! Kudos on the shopping spree ^^ Molicares are not bad for casual short-term use. But you better have a caretaker checking on you regularly and making sure that they don't leak. Else I'd definitely recommend something more performant, better if with a boodster. I actually left some Abri-Let boosters there, feel free to use them to give your 24/7s the right amount of poof :p
    When SSDs start having read/write issues it's better to make them a funeral unless the data you're storing on them is not important, in which case you can wait for their natural death xD
    I wouldn't risk using a defective HDD, the mechanical ones now sell for so cheap!
    Pian told me that you didn't get to try out your 24/7s yet tho! I bet they'll still be there next time I come over xD
    Me and Pian actually watched Maze Runner together, sooo jelly you got to watch the sequel with her! Isn't movies and fox snuggles the best combo ever? :3
    What was wrong with the PC? Always good to get broken things back running in any case! ^^
    My job is just a lil weird, you get weeks where hardly anything happens and then all of a sudden multiple events just pop up on top of each other, hence the crazy weeks...
    *Noms on the Dancing Sandwich* ... *Feels it dancing in his stomach* O.O
    I'm good, just been superbusy with work in the last weeks, how about you? I heard you and the fox had some awesome movie times together!
    *keeps nerding around* :p
    I love your avatar! >u< Persona is one of my favorite series, hehe. Are you also a fan? o:
    Lookatdat! Official profile friends. Now gimme all your cold coins and lunches! This is a stick up! The coppas won't hear ya, Noodle.
    Oh. Em. Geez. So like, I want Nachos now. Thanks. Other then that I'm doing well, thanks for asking! ... I have to try not to get into one of my Dora moods now too.
    I was going to ask you how are you and be all friendly and such and then I got on the chat and you were there so now I feel silly for having said hi here I'm going to go crawl in a hole now it was a pleasure to post.. *runs away from her nervous run-on sentence*
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