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  • oh i prefer the anime as well. It adds depth to character development through informative side stories and newly added dialogue. I have a crunchyroll account just so i can watch it after the show airs in japan. Though, the manga is way ahead of the anime at the moment because the filler gives the artists time to create the story, which is the prime focus of the manga. It moves so fast. I like the slower pace of the show because it allows you to become attached to all of the characters instead of just the main 10 -15 primary ones. My favorites are Itachi, Tobi-Madara, Jariaya, Guy, and Killer Bee. Of course, i love Naruto, Kakashi, Hinata, etc, i just enjoy the complexity of the first few, more so. Who re your favorites?
    How's the rawryest tiger cub on the forum doing lately? :biggrin:
    Fine, then no bottle with milky milk for you! :eek:
    I can finally leave visitor messages lol...but no, why i chose to friend you is that Naruto is one my favorite Manga and Anime, ever. So i just thought that i would share that with you. Check out this and have a good one :) Symmetry7's Profile -
    I saw your stripey tiger friends at the zoo today. They were absolute lazybutts, just laying around in their cave and doing fuck all
    Meep :biggrin: I'm sure that was your puddle anyway! I'm liking your new avatar :)
    Oh, look, a SquishyNawuto xD
    In avatar size the CwyingNawuto looks kinda scary... could it be the blank eyes? Take away the tears and it seems it's angrily crawling towards the viewer :p
    ...but it's prolly just his way of saying he needs looootsa cuddles ^^
    *snuggles back a vewysquishynawuto* ^^ my BF's gonna kill me (or you) :biggrin:
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