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    Onesie Options ?

    The go to now a days is Onesie Down Under. I'm sure you'll find something there that fits. I know ABU, Tykables and LittleforBig sell AB clothing as well but if memory serves correctly they're way more simple in design.
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    Serious help i need

    Generally I would say it would have been better to alert the person to your medical needs if you are a bedwetter but for the time being your best bet is to try and use the restroom before bed and potentially multiple trips to the bathroom at night. If it's an actual medical issue i'm sure your...
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    Unknown Diaper

    Sailor Diapers
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    Pacifier Care Help

    Generally when you get a new Paci you want to sterilize it by putting it in boiling water for a few minutes. After that just rinse it in some soapy water and clean it up a bit more and you should have something ready to go.
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    Poll: What's your preference, white, solid, printed...?

    Definitely prefer prints similar to Kiddos and Dinos.
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    Onesie Cause Leaks?

    Sounds more like an issue with sizing. That or probably reconsider the brand youre using if its pressing up that much.
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    How to get out of a date?

    Honestly I would just talk it out with her if she knows. If it is an issue for her then just peacefully end it there, if she doesn't mind and/or understands the issues then just keep going. The thing is if you continued dating eventually she would have figured out your IC issues.
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    Diapers Are Pricey!!

    While not a 24/7 user I would generally assume the best way to maintain a low cost would be to keep mainly to medical brands. Id imagine cheaper and thinner wear for times where maximum protection isnt needed like during sleep or long activities would help alleviate the cost as youd be spending...
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    What’s your preference: white or printed?

    Started with Printed and pretty much stick to it. That said old Molicare designs and even the Abenas are something I dont mind but any time of the day i'll take something like Kiddos or Dinos over Medical.
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    Parents not accepting of diapers, what should I do?

    That's a shame. Sadly as you do live under her roof you will probably have to wait if she probably doesnt approve of you wearing around the house. that said all you can really do for now is try and get her to understand if you can even get thru to her with a conversation. If not then tough it...
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    Goodnites fit me well, how about pampers?

    They wont. Largest size of Pull-Ups tend to be size of S/M Goodnites and at the same time Size 6s and Size 7s tend to be near if not closer to the size of the smallest pull-up size possible. That's not taking into account that L/XL Goodnites have also been adjusted for bigger sizes. My advice is...
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    What are the true perks of peeing/pooping in a diaper?

    Honestly besides one using it to emulate being a Baby/Toddler again and relying on diaper the only real benefit is the lack of needing to go to the toilet and being able to stick to whatever you were doing. Pooping I would say is at least better for gaming or course work while I would say peeing...
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    Do you like wearing and using diapers in public?

    I don't mind wearing in public when I can but use is really dependent on the brand, time i'll be around said public and the situation. More often than not outside of maybe wetting I find most use to be disrespectful to others around you if I won't be able to change for a long time since I'm not...
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    Walking in public in a diaper

    The only area you should be walking around with an exposed diaper is at home. Just like normal underwear that should be kept private and out of sight. Accidental peeking is one thing, purposefully exposing yourself is another.
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    Morning Routine

    When i get to wear I either change if needed before changing clothes or wait till I enter the bathroom for a shower to remove it.