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  • I don't use this website anymore. Please visit my new page: Userpage of lilpichu -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
    hey! hope your doing good! :D was reading the other day had a Aussie in it though of you. ttyl
    A long time, indeed! I'm doing pretty well, and just returned home from my first semester at college for a holiday vacation. How are you?
    hey pichu, yeah very busy with studies and work! D:
    Derp, I've got month without log here, I'm all days on osu! and don't pay attention to this forum hahaha.

    Im just a random wild -Pikachu- ;o
    I got myself a little Renault Clio. It runs just fine. I think the fuel gauge is a little faulty but nothing that can't be fixed. I hope you feel better soon too, I've just come off a pretty bad cold myself. Hot one minute, cold the next and had this horrible sore throat which is only just now going away.
    Haha oh i love nintendo! i wish owned some of the old consoles >.< my uncle had an atari and sega so i would play them they were really cool! i used to play runescape a lot but haven't played it for about 2 years! and biomedical sciene o_O wow that seems so hard! haha and i have skype yes! :) i dont use it much but i have it! and yeah ih have a few assignments.. i generally put them off and not do them for a bit, i can usually pump them out within a few hours so i leave it till the last minute ahah :)
    Oh haha I live no where near there ^___^ I live in ipswich. Hahah and I play like minecraft pc and 360 halo reach forza 4 haah :3 what about you? Hah that's pretty cool what do you study?
    Oh really what uni? Haha >.< haha oh you know just work and school and gaming haha
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